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Trosnoth - 1.14.0

Free side-scrolling team action game.

J. D. Bartlett
Trosnoth is a network team game. To win the game you must capture all of the opposing team's territory.
The Trosnoth idea was conceived by a bunch of Übertweak leaders who were looking for another network game to play on camp that:
  • was low-cost;
  • was team-based;
  • involved strategy;
  • was easy to teach.


Trosnoth is a fast-paced open source territory control team platform game. Changes since 1.13.0:
  • Added selectable hats / hairstyles.
  • Fixed bug where ghosts could have a grappling hook.
  • Orbs no longer keep spinning when the game is paused.
  • Bots in Hunted scenario now occasionally check and retarget towards closer players or players with higher scores.
  • Fixed bug where players could taunt while holding the roof and not fall off.
  • Server web interface is now easier to use with all configuration options accessible from web interface.
  • When possible the server now broadcasts its existence on the LAN, simplifying connecting to a server for LAN play.
  • The elephant's name is now configurable on the server.
  • Fixed bug which allowed a previous scenario to continue running its triggers after a new scenario had been started from server web interface / manhole.
  • Fixed server web interface bug which resulted in achievements not being shown on player profiles.
  • When server is run, web interface is now automatically opened logged in as an admin user (unless a command-line flag is given disabling this.)
  • Fixed server bug where, if the bot process had to be restarted, the new bot process was never told how to connect to the main arena process.
  • Fixed user interface bug related to Python 2 to 3 migration.
  • Fixed deprecation and resource warnings.
  • Camp-specific settings such as insecure login are now accessible as options rather than needing a separate branch.
  • Removed the need for a separate server branch in the repository.
  • Created server distributable using PyInstaller.
  • Added requirements file and instructions for running in a virtualenv.


Home Page


Trosnoth 1.8.2 — 26 Mar, 2016

Trosnoth 1.0.1 — 18 Oct, 2009

Trosnoth 1.0.0 — 17 Oct, 2009

Trosnoth 1.6.0 — 25 Jan, 2012

Trosnoth 1.1.0 — 20 Feb, 2010

Trosnoth 1.4.0 — 16 Oct, 2010

Trosnoth 1.4.1 — 17 Oct, 2010

Trosnoth 1.5.2 — 22 Feb, 2011

Trosnoth 1.5.1 — 20 Jan, 2011

Trosnoth 1.2.1 — 3 Jul, 2010

Trosnoth 1.2.2 — 22 Jul, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.2 — 29 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.0 (unstable) — 2 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.2.0 — 30 Jun, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.1 — 16 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.9.0 — 24 Jan, 2017

Trosnoth 1.8.0 — 5 Jan, 2016

Trosnoth 1.8.1 — 7 Feb, 2016

Trosnoth 1.10.0 — 11 Nov, 2017

Trosnoth 1.11.0 — 9 Dec, 2017

Trosnoth 1.12.0 — 27 Jan, 2018

Trosnoth 1.12.2 — 17 May, 2018

Trosnoth 1.13.0 — 9 Mar, 2019

Trosnoth 1.14.0 — 13 Jun, 2019 account Comments

  • John Board 2011-12-26 09:19:24

    Hi, this is the first post that I have posted on

    I am a developer of this game, I work on the AIs (Please don't comment on them, a new AI version has been released and is much better than the current one...).

    I first played this game about 1.5 years ago, it was AWESOME! There is much more statergum than that meets the eye, the difference between taking a zone and not taking one is sometimes the difference of 1 pixel (Which zone your in!)! At UberTweak we play with 4v4 or higher, 8v8 is a pretty good game size. Playing over the internet can be quite laggy because *cough* of inefficient coding of the networking modules *cough*. It is also an awesome feeling to hear one teams roar of success when defeating another teams ;)


  • John Board 2012-01-29 02:51:51

    Finally! Trosnoth 1.6.0 is out!

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