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Trosnoth - 1.10.0

Free side-scrolling team action game.

J. D. Bartlett
Trosnoth is a fast-paced open source team platformer. To win the game you must capture all of the opposing team's territory.
The Trosnoth idea was conceived many years ago by a bunch of Übertweak leaders who were looking for another network game to play on camp that was low-cost, team-based, involved strategy, and was easy to teach.


New since version 1.9.0:
  • Removed random spawning of stars around the game.
  • Replaced stars with coins as the game currency, and removed upper limit to number of stars held per player.
  • Players keep some coins when die, and drop the rest to be collected by other players.
  • Abolished shared team economy, replaced with individual player stockpiles.
  • You now receive coins for zone assists as well as captures and kills. Also, you get more coins for a zone capture/assist if you neutralise zones as well as capturing the zone.
  • Players start a standard Trosnoth game with a small amount of coins.
  • Using bomber does not drop any coins.
  • Coins gravitate towards players who get close enough.
  • All living players receive coins at a constant, small rate.
  • Players are allowed multiple upgrades at once (but not multiple weapon upgrades).
  • Leader board now shows team and player scores based on game mode. For a standard game, this is a score reflecting the number of zone caps, rather than number of coins.
  • Replaced game over siren with whistle sound.
  • Players who survive a rabbit hunt get awarded an achievement and some bonus coins to use during the lobby phase.
  • Ranger bots now hunt rabbits, and do a decent job of playing Trosball
  • Better logic for Ranger bots capturing zones: if there are enemies kill them rather than just jumping around randomly.
  • Better logic for Ranger bots defending zones: if the enemy has enough players to capture, try to kill one before the capture happens.
  • If bots are stuck in one place for too long, they use the bomber upgrade.
  • Quieter bot logging.
  • Internal refactoring, to make it easier to write new game levels but still use triggers from the standard level (e.g., standard zone capture mechanics etc.)
  • Replaced all uses of SHA1 in the code base.
  • Server manhole can now take custom SSH keys (required when used with new versions of Twisted).
  • "Large" map size is now not quite so large.
  • Added work-around for bug where some keyboard input is occasionally missed.
  • More robustness in some server-side code
  • Bug fix: sometimes shots fired towards a player standing just in front of a wall would hit the wall and not kill the player.
  • Bug fix: game used to stop being able to create new stars if the game ran for too long, this is no longer an issue with coins
  • Bug fixes to server web interface
  • Bug fixes to replays
  • Bug fix: very rarely two teams could capture zones in the same team, which could result in one time losing their last zone (and the game) while gaining another zone.


Home Page
Github repo


Trosnoth 1.8.2 — 26 Mar, 2016

Trosnoth 1.0.1 — 18 Oct, 2009

Trosnoth 1.0.0 — 17 Oct, 2009

Trosnoth 1.6.0 — 25 Jan, 2012

Trosnoth 1.1.0 — 20 Feb, 2010

Trosnoth 1.4.0 — 16 Oct, 2010

Trosnoth 1.4.1 — 17 Oct, 2010

Trosnoth 1.5.2 — 22 Feb, 2011

Trosnoth 1.5.1 — 20 Jan, 2011

Trosnoth 1.2.1 — 3 Jul, 2010

Trosnoth 1.2.2 — 22 Jul, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.2 — 29 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.0 (unstable) — 2 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.2.0 — 30 Jun, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.1 — 16 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.9.0 — 24 Jan, 2017

Trosnoth 1.8.0 — 5 Jan, 2016

Trosnoth 1.8.1 — 7 Feb, 2016

Trosnoth 1.10.0 — 11 Nov, 2017

Trosnoth 1.11.0 — 9 Dec, 2017

Trosnoth 1.12.0 — 27 Jan, 2018

Trosnoth 1.12.2 — 17 May, 2018

Trosnoth 1.13.0 — 9 Mar, 2019

Trosnoth 1.14.0 — 13 Jun, 2019

Trosnoth 1.15.0a3 — 18 Nov, 2020

Trosnoth 1.15.0 — 22 Dec, 2020

Trosnoth 1.15.2 — 1 Mar, 2021

Trosnoth 1.15.1 — 1 Feb, 2021

Trosnoth 1.16.0 — 2 Aug, 2021

Trosnoth 1.17.1 — 5 Oct, 2021

Trosnoth 1.17.0 — 21 Sep, 2021

Trosnoth 1.18.0 — 3 Jul, 2022

Trosnoth 1.18.1 — 7 Jan, 2023

Trosnoth 1.19.0 — 15 Feb, 2024 account Comments

  • John Board 2011-12-26 09:19

    Hi, this is the first post that I have posted on

    I am a developer of this game, I work on the AIs (Please don't comment on them, a new AI version has been released and is much better than the current one...).

    I first played this game about 1.5 years ago, it was AWESOME! There is much more statergum than that meets the eye, the difference between taking a zone and not taking one is sometimes the difference of 1 pixel (Which zone your in!)! At UberTweak we play with 4v4 or higher, 8v8 is a pretty good game size. Playing over the internet can be quite laggy because *cough* of inefficient coding of the networking modules *cough*. It is also an awesome feeling to hear one teams roar of success when defeating another teams ;)


  • John Board 2012-01-29 02:51

    Finally! Trosnoth 1.6.0 is out!