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Tic Tac Toes using Pygame

Creating a Tic Tac game in Pygame

Space Fighter Using Pygame

Creating a Space Fighter game using Python & Pygame


dla os ktore sądzą ze jestem deb##

3D Software Renderer using Pygame

3D Software Renderer (Engine) in Python using Pygame, Numpy, Numba

Matrix Vision

Pygame, Numpy

Flappy bird

Classic flappy bird game. With exe format.

Python DOOM

Raycasting game using DOOM sprites

Pygame 3D Real-time Ray Tracing

Ray tracing no OpenGL, only using CPU

Multiplayer Snake

A Game that consists a Server and a Snake Client

Tik Tak Toe with MiniMax

It is an Game created with the MiniMax algorithm and the GUI is made with Pygame and is able to play Tik Tak Toe.


move the mask to catch the virus, if failed up to 20 times, gameover

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use

Simple pygame particles

3 really simple particle projects

Sorting Algorithms Visualizer

A tool for visualize Sorting Algorithms made with Pygame


A retro-style minesweeper game


Simple Tetris clone in Python Pygame.


BrickWall is a path planning simulation and maze generation toy that uses the A* algorithm to find paths through mazes that can either be drawn manually or generated automatically using various algorithms. The main feature is the visualisation of the maze generation and path finding process.

Historical Battle Simulator

Medieval tactical battle map simulator game

Trial of the Herald

Old school arcade run-and-hide game.

HP Engine

A Simple Survival Sandbox Game made with Pygame. Get Source Code free

Simon Game

Simon Game (Python 3.8.5) It is a game of memory skill.

Space War

War in space with spacecrafts.

Interplanetary Invaders

Battle alien spiders across the solar system


Snake game

Street Fighter Pygame

a 2D fighting game made with python and pygame.


Dinosaur Chrome Game with Motion Detection