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slopes simples usando Tiles


A simple scrolling shooter I made.

Lemon Tank

a simple shooter with tanks

Pseudo 3d road

a pseudo 3d road engine written with python and pygame

Catch The Square

I am new to this so I do not know what the Summary is


Le jeu est encore en développement mais déjà se montre très amusant. Le principe premier est de se perfectionner dans la frappe au clavier et viens ensuite le plaisir d’être le plus rapide en marquant le plus de point.



Pygame Hangman

Simple Hangman game, pygame version

Paper Football League

2.5D sports arcade game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.2

Zombie Pan

This project is a 2D shooter video game in which you should shoot the zombies from a helicopter to save your survival camp. It has nice GUI, 14 nice levels, final map, fine controls, simple dynamics, and the logic is still very simple, but plenty of capacity to evolve. Designs maps, characters, weapons have been obtained from free assets but under licence. Some other have been developed by myself.


This module will help python games made using codeskulptre's simplegui module in normal python in our PC's.


DodgeIt by JCLOH


DodgeIt by JCLOH

Capture the flag

This is a game where you play capture the flag with another person.

A 2 player remake version of the well-known game.

Mutilate a doll 2

Play Mutilate a doll 2

New Project

who knows

Balloon Shooter

In this game you shoot balloons with the mouse by clicking on them. If you miss 5 balloons, the game is over. Points are based on the speed of the balloon. The faster it goes, the more points you get.

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use


Free side-scrolling team action game.

Cookie Shooter

This is an arcade game where you shoot cookies in space (definitely not meteors). You get 3 lives to shoot as many cookies as you can.

Adventure Game

an Adventure Game



Broken Buzzer Sound

It is a buzzer sound that plays when a beam is broken in the laser game.

Snake Universe

This is a snake game, but a story mode is coming later.

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PyGame AI

Python library that implements many AI techniques to be used with PyGame


This is a drawing program for making sprites, it is still in development and won't be ready for a while.

Mineral Madness

Mineral Madness is a mineral based 2d platform fighter . A fair warning - this game will rock your world.