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Informatica project

Dit is een spel voor het vak informatica

Proj 1

This is a dumb firsty

Souls Of The Tower BETA

Survival-horror game about recovering old tower. Flashlight and elevators are your only friends here.. Made for PyWeek28.


pygame example using pymunk physics and drawing primitives.

Snake Universe

This is a snake game, but a story mode is coming later.

Fourier Series Demo

A basic demo of the Fourier Series using pygame's unstable and sinful gfxdraw functions

Task Manager

Not the prettiest code...But it works!


a space shoot em up style game


A wacky, brutal 2D platformer where you play as a grumpy robot mechanic!


A wacky, brutal 2D platformer where you play as a grumpy robot mechanic!

Lemon Tank Multiplayer Lan

a simple shooter with tanks using sockets


This game will be fun and a test to see how this works.


Astro Duel made in Python 3

gravity sim

a simple gravity simulator

Non woven bags manufacturer in Bhubaneswar

We are manufacturing non woven carry bags and other products like non woven caps, aprons, surgical mask, industrial shoe cover, hand gloves, medical bed sheet etc

Flappy Bird

A simple recreation of Flappy Bird designed for a NEAT ai algorithm

The Quest For The Holy Cream Betweens

A 2d turn based rpg where you try to aquire your lost knock off brand oreos Btw im the same guy who made 5 nights in the basement and dynamic equilibrium (sword battle) so if u liked those please check this out


To build an interactive game for 2–6 years old kids to learn English vocabulary and have fun.

unbeatable tic tac toe game

this game is designed so no one can ever win it.


Le jeu est encore en développement mais déjà se montre très amusant. Le principe premier est de se perfectionner dans la frappe au clavier et viens ensuite le plaisir d’être le plus rapide en marquant le plus de point.

CHIP-8 Emulator

a chip-8 emulator made with python and pygame

Asteroids Battle

an ultra fun space shooter.

Checker Kings

a fun and addictive checkers game

Unbeatable tic-tac-toe

an unbeatable tic-tac-toe artificial intelligence

My Snake

a snake game made with python and pygame