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First Fantasy

Prototype for a Fallout/Final Fantasy mashup


A delivery management simulator where you must manage packages and delivery trucks.

Lit By Torchlight

Explore a dungeon with only a very limited light source.

Rage of the Blind Witch

Shoot em up action platformer made in one week for the Pygame Community Halloween 2022 Game Jam.

Tetris for two

Tetris with several modes for two players

Pygame Simplifier

Using `pygame` can be cumbersome sometimes. This module simplifies its use by providing shortcuts for the most used `pygame` function and turning game coding into Event-driven programming.

Cube Dudes

​Fun, retro shooter.


made for gbjam


Cubester simulates Rubik's Cubes of any reasonable size (from the smallest 2 by 2 cube to the standard 3 by 3 and upwards). The user may rotate the cube and any of its discs (layers) freely. The 3D animated automatic shuffle makes it easy to create a new puzzle for solving.


Eccentric platform-shooter starring a TRUNKMAN exploring critter-filled Beak Forest trying to find the meaning of life!


Eccentric platform-shooter starring a TRUNKMAN exploring critter-filled Beak Forest trying to find the meaning of life!

Cutting game

This is a game about cutting boxes at the right spot.

Wormy modifications difficulty new apples

Wormy a nibbles clone modified by Neonzz

Historical Wargame Simulator

Historical battle simulator in the form of a tactical map with the purpose to provide both enjoyment and educational value to the player.

Purchase Defense Grid Firearms Online

Ghost Firearms | Grid Defense offers premium AR15 parts with a focus on Cerakote Uppers, Skeleton Lowers, 80 Percent Lower and AR-15 Build Kits

Pygame RPG Fighter

Take control of your character and challenge the perilous dungeon, battling waves of enemies!


A web-compatible survival horror game made for LowRezJam 2022.

RayCasting - the Game

RayCasting - the Game presents a ray cast environment in "almost 3D" like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom and the like in the '90s. The player may move freely in the dungeon-type space. In the game all coins should be collected before light runs out!

Alien Knightmare

A browser-compatible puzzle game.


Free side-scrolling team action game.

Realtime Raytracing

A series of examples that use Pygame, PyOpenGL and compute shaders to implement realtime raytracing!

RayCasting v.05 - the Map

RayCasting v0.5 implements ray casting up to a map (not the 3D) by using NumPy to avoid looping the rays one by one. The user can steer the "viewer" on a map using cursor keys and see how the rays (field of vision) is formed.