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Pygame RPG Fighter

Take control of your character and challenge the perilous dungeon, battling waves of enemies!


A 2d pixel art shoot-em-up with a skill tree

Love in a Maze

Short game for 1-2 players about finding love in a maze

Pygame Simplifier

Using `pygame` can be cumbersome sometimes. This module simplifies its use by providing shortcuts for the most used `pygame` function and turning game coding into Event-driven programming.

Defective Artificial Intelligence

Puzzle game made during the Pygame Community Easter Jam. You have to find a intruder hidden in a group of randomly generated cells.


The first original indie game of Tigia Workshop. The game is developed using Linpg Engine (currently in its third generation), a self-developed game engine using Pygame.

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Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use

Ace Drag Race (BETA)

A flat road car racing game. (Drag race)

Nerd N' Roll Rancing 3000

Federal University of Campina Grande - UFCG First period of Computer Science (2008.2). Developers: Gustavo Silva Medeiros / Pedro Yóssis Silva Barbosa. Teachers: Dalton Dario Serey / Jorge Cesar Abrantes Monitor: Matheus Gaudêncio do Rego.

rythimic game (test)

This is a test of Rythimic game

Sprinting Shark - Remastered

Sharks, Lasers, and Chemical Waste...

Historical Wargame Simulator

Historical battle simulator in the form of a tactical map with the purpose to provide both enjoyment and educational value to the player.

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Albow Python 3

Pygame UI widget set



Rising Apocalypse

Fight zombies and collect weapons. Rebirth to unluck multipliers.




Shooter game I made in PyGame


Free side-scrolling team action game.

Wandering Soul

a bullet hell platformer

Level Editor

Tilebased level editor in PyGame

Multiplayer Math Puzzle

Select any 2 cells on the screen to reduce them by their greatest common factor. If the selected cells are equal, they will cancel out and be removed from the screen. Clear the screen as quickly as you can to win. Play "blind" mode if you want to challenge yourself. Play against friends in multiplayer ranked/unranked battles!

Jacqueline White and the Phantom Flyer

Adventure game made with Renpy