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Astrocrash (Discontinued)

An arcade classic, a game of asteroids.


Little Asteroids like shooter game. Shall become eventually a python tutorial for kids.


A game of falling blocks

Rally 7

A car racing game inspired by an arcade classic with a similar name.


Simple ant-road simulation

PyAnimate (discontinued)

A surfarray movie creator/player

Trouble In CloudLand

A 2D arena style shoot-em-up developed for the Shmup-Dev.Com AutoFire 2007 competition.

Ninja on The Wall

Get up with your grapple hook, while shooting all kinds of zombies and evading the bottom falling off. I suggest playing the Tutorial - simply click START in the Menu - before trying the Endless Wall.


Commandor is a 2d platformer fighting game with very simple AI.

Pumpkin Pete

A side scrolling, one-button, halloween game. Collect candy and avoid the bad guys!


A 2D sidescrolling platformer, similar to the Super Mario games.


simple 2d physics sandbox

Pixelman 2

A jump 'n run platformer. Jump up through the holes in the platforms, grab the coins, dodge the ghosts, and get to the top within a time limit!

Gareth Quest

You are Gareth, a young boy that live in a church preparing to became cleric... But one day...


A Sokoban game written in PyGame.


TRI is a stylish little arcade game with original concept and nice OpenGL visualization


A 1 to 4 players game that I'm working on It contains an AI quite strong for this kind of game A funny detail about this image is that NOBODY WAS PLAYING the AI was controling all ships

Junk Jungle

Dungeon exploration game.


lil like leiro, worms or soldat

Frustum Culling

A 2D Frustum Culling Method.


A physics playground, somewhat like sodaplay. Drag around structures of masses and springs, make landscapes of lines, or goof around with the "character".


openGL Accelerated 2D game library with emphasis on built-in game asset editors


A 2d squad combat game, inspired by the classic Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels. Lead a team of heavily-armoured commandoes into the depths of an infested spaceship.

Planet Umi

The goal is to grow, develop and direct the evolution of a alien planet full of extraterrestrial beings.


Fut is a Button Soccer game, with Replay, Highlights, Player CPU and other funny features.

Cheese Boys

An arcade game played in kind of (humor), post-apocalyptic world. You are the only one that can slay a band of five that now rule the world. You must move in a small town, facing enemies in combat to reach the truth hidden behind the Cheese Boys origin... and your past.

plasma in python

Plasma demo effect, based on C++ code by Alex Champandard.


2D Physics Library for Python using Box2D

Carré Rouge (red square)

Vous êtes un carré rouge et vous devez atteindre le carré vert (sortie) pour finir chaque niveau. You're a red square and you have to touch the green square (the way out) to complete each level.

Ognom Keeper

An arcade game where you create walls to make a bouncing ball get to the finish.