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Captain your ship, build up its defenses, manage smaller ships and deal with other players peacefully or in space combat.

WarZone II

WarZone II is a quick over-the-network space shooting game.


PodSixNet is a lightweight network layer designed to make it easy to write multiplayer games in Python.

Dog Microphone

So, if you and your mates want to play a role-playing game of your own design, but don't have a table to sit around, you might need this.

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.

This is an alpha release of the networking library.
It was originally meant to be part of that library, but it will not have a new release for some time, so this project has been forked for the time being.


A basic client-server interface for networking games in the making.


The card game Canasta


An open-source remake of the classic strategy game Moonbase Commander


Toonloop is a live stop motion animation software.

OAKS: Adaptable Kruskal Solver

Graphical solver for Kruskal's and Prim's minimum spanning tree algorithms, originally written for an A-level computing project as an example of a teaching aid. Coded in Python 3 and licensed under 3-clause BSD.


pyenet - python bindings for the ENet library


Example of multiplayer game. NetPong is a simple pong game you can play online or in lan.


A client for the game of Netrek, a multi-player real-time 2D strategy game.


OpenMOO2 is planned to be an open source clone of Microprose game "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares", one of the best 4X turn-based strategy games set in space


every one know this game, but this one is a 360° version, in which you can play up to 4 players in local network.

Head Soccer Network

A version of the classic head sports soccer that allow players to play in a local or internet network. Uses pygame,box2d *plus* a modified version of podsixnet to handle UDP network. Currently only support friendly matches and 4 different head players


Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology

Pong Dexule Internet Lan Multiplayer

Pong Dexule with multiplayer internet all over the world without any configuration


A deck building card game in which the players compete to gather the most valuable deck of cards, representing a Kingdom.

Ages of the island

This is "Ages of the island", a real time strategy game based on the classical board game "Die Siedler von Catan" for many players connected online.

The game of Amazons

i hope you feel funny when playing my game! if any question, write a email to me at:

marks project snake

Snake game developed as part of a school project with my 12-year-old son

The Raspberry Pi and Python Game Physics

This project tests the RPi-2 as a host for a script-based game (physics) engine.

Pygame Physics Engine

Game physics is explored with Pygame, a Python engine, and Box2D


Free side-scrolling team action game.