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A simulation of a small civilization

Fireworks Simulator Python
Fireworks simulator made in python.
pyFalling Sand

A clone of Falling Sand ( done in 1086 lines of python (34 kb).

Density Simulator
The density simulator calculates how a sphere behaves when placed in water. It allows for different parameters to be changed. It is made to be as life-like as possible - meaning that only prober physics theories is used for calculation.
A game that simulates a nation going through its life.
Realism - GameBoy Screen Simulation
A simple demonstration of how using different blitting flags and pygame's movie sub-module can create an awesome effect!
Simple sim modelling gravity.
Chao Game
A very fun text game that you get to raise a virtual Chao. please give any recommendations.
2D "universe" simulation, namely Conway's Game of Life and derivatives of it.
Fizzbox is a collection of physics based simulations, like mass spring systems and the interaction of planets under gravity.
Christmas Moon Boarder
This is my gift to you.

Merry Christmas.
Life of a Coder
Simple game simulating the working life of an over-stressed home coder.
Gravitational simulator written in Python.
Particle Dancer

A particle/gravity simulator.


Simple verlet based 'cloth' simulation. Grab and move and pin particles to modify the sim.


Draw particles with the mouse that generate a latticework of lines between them.

Player launches a space probe and gets score based on how close the probe gets to planets without crashing. Very high frame-rate. Alpha version. Newbie programmer.
A python version of the Falling Sand Game.
Zombie Survival

Proof of concept for a project idea I have.

falling sand game clone
Simulador de Homero
En la presente se realizo la implementación de un programa para simular el recorrido de Homero por un camino lleno de diversas situaciones.
Fracture Simulator
A simple fracture simulator that uses common sense for the simulation method.
High Frontier
Simulation / strategy game depicting nothing less than the immediate future of the entire world as we know it today. As a country or a multinational company the player researches and builds in order to shape the future of the globe and beyond.
Realtime CPU Cloth
A modest OpenGL demo demonstrating cloth running on the CPU.



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