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A card game where you play a hit man, trying to complete a series of contract hits. A Pyweek 19 entry.
A fighting game with lots of ships.
Miner is a dig-and-gather-resources game. You are Sam, a Moon resource miner who must gather resources from the Moon surface.

You're a Ninja in the city. Run!

python: PULSAR
Third place in pyweek May 2012 ( group category. Our game based around the 'Mad Science' theme and our favorite mad scientist 'Nikola Tesla'. Enjoy.
Doctor Korovic's Flying Atomic Squid
Build the ultimate aerial squid conveyance!
This is a game I made during pyweek 13.
A simple puzzle game about electricity
Ninth Kind
Entry for the PyWeek #12
Nein is a sandbox game submitted in PyWeek 12. It is a team project between bitcraft and serioussam24.
Mortimer the Lepidopterist
Complete your quest to become the world's greatest butterfly collector!
Lawn of the Dead
Mindless shooting.
The Villainy of Cat Food Inc.
A little puzzle game with crates, switches and a kitty in distress.
simple mouse controlled game where you kill the bad guys with a feather using the help of wind strokes.
A nifty and sometimes unbearably difficult platforming adventure.
quest of the feather
currently barely started mini-game for pyweek. Has a nice text button that changes color when the mouse is over it
just another shooter
law(n) and order
A game made for pyweek 8, theme was: "Get off my lawn"
Spawnmower Lawn Defense
Towerdefense game written during PyWeek 8
Control the destiny of a plant-like species hopping from planet to planet.
Rose Ninja
Fight your way through three levels of ninja awesomeness!
A Metroid-type shooter.
Bell Runner
Help Brother Albert, apprentice bellringer, ring the bells in the right order.
Heartfelt Nightsong
A text-based graphical adventure game.



our projects welcomes all python game, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. If they use pygame or not.
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