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Trosnoth - 1.13.0

Free side-scrolling team action game.

J. D. Bartlett
Trosnoth is a network team game. To win the game you must capture all of the opposing team's territory.
The Trosnoth idea was conceived by a bunch of Übertweak leaders who were looking for another network game to play on camp that:
  • was low-cost;
  • was team-based;
  • involved strategy;
  • was easy to teach.


Trosnoth is a fast-paced multiplayer territory control shooter. New in version 1.13.0:
  • Rewrote collision detection system to use separating axis theorem. This eliminates the possibility of falling through walls.
  • Improved grappling hook---you can now swing on it, and it has a nicer feel.
  • Grappling hook is now the default action for right mouse button.
  • Overhauled bot pathfinding so that bots can use momentum-based physics and grappling hook.
  • Removed some map sections which were hard to get around and simplified others.
  • Players can now hold on to the roof, and shoot while holding the walls or roof.
  • Orbs now spin.
  • Added taunts / emotes.
  • Using trajectory assistance while a ghost now shows trajectory for firing as soon as player respawns.
  • When using ninja, added a radial indicator around orbs to show how close player can get before coming visible.
  • Increased player terminal velocity, and grenade velocity.
  • Windows EXE and installer are now signed, thanks to artist in residence grant money.
  • Added server support for grouping matches together into tournaments and showing some aggregated statistics and leader boards.
  • Moved some server command-line options to database or configuration file.
  • Moved some insecure hard-coded server settings into configuration file.
  • Server now opens web interface as admin user unless run with --no-browser command-line option.
  • Server now runs bots in a separate process to improve server responsiveness.
  • Made minor improvements to server web interface.
  • Trosball no longer starts inside a wall.
  • Trosball games can no longer go on forever.
  • Fixed Trosball bug where front line no longer appeared to be moving with the ball.
  • Fixed bug where topmost zones would show upwards indicator lights.
  • Fixed bug in server record of player zone scores.
  • Fixed traceback triggered in observer/replay mode when viewing an invisible player.
  • Made Trosnoth still work on display systems with odd bit depths.
  • Trosnoth now works on machines with no sound subsystem.
  • Fixed bug where, when run with some builds of pygame, music would stop after the first piece.
  • Migrated codebase to Python 3 and Django 2.
  • Removed murmur/mumble integration as nobody is using it.
  • Removed some unused code.


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Trosnoth 1.8.2 — 26 Mar, 2016

Trosnoth 1.0.1 — 18 Oct, 2009

Trosnoth 1.0.0 — 17 Oct, 2009

Trosnoth 1.6.0 — 25 Jan, 2012

Trosnoth 1.1.0 — 20 Feb, 2010

Trosnoth 1.4.0 — 16 Oct, 2010

Trosnoth 1.4.1 — 17 Oct, 2010

Trosnoth 1.5.2 — 22 Feb, 2011

Trosnoth 1.5.1 — 20 Jan, 2011

Trosnoth 1.2.1 — 3 Jul, 2010

Trosnoth 1.2.2 — 22 Jul, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.2 — 29 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.0 (unstable) — 2 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.2.0 — 30 Jun, 2010

Trosnoth 1.3.1 — 16 Aug, 2010

Trosnoth 1.9.0 — 24 Jan, 2017

Trosnoth 1.8.0 — 5 Jan, 2016

Trosnoth 1.8.1 — 7 Feb, 2016

Trosnoth 1.10.0 — 11 Nov, 2017

Trosnoth 1.11.0 — 9 Dec, 2017

Trosnoth 1.12.0 — 27 Jan, 2018

Trosnoth 1.12.2 — 17 May, 2018

Trosnoth 1.13.0 — 9 Mar, 2019

Trosnoth 1.14.0 — 13 Jun, 2019 account Comments

  • John Board 2011-12-26 09:19:24

    Hi, this is the first post that I have posted on

    I am a developer of this game, I work on the AIs (Please don't comment on them, a new AI version has been released and is much better than the current one...).

    I first played this game about 1.5 years ago, it was AWESOME! There is much more statergum than that meets the eye, the difference between taking a zone and not taking one is sometimes the difference of 1 pixel (Which zone your in!)! At UberTweak we play with 4v4 or higher, 8v8 is a pretty good game size. Playing over the internet can be quite laggy because *cough* of inefficient coding of the networking modules *cough*. It is also an awesome feeling to hear one teams roar of success when defeating another teams ;)


  • John Board 2012-01-29 02:51:51

    Finally! Trosnoth 1.6.0 is out!

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