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solarwolf - 1.6.0

SolarWolf is an action/arcade game written in Python. It is free and open source, created with the Pygame game development library.

Rene Dudfield
SolarWolf is originally based of one of the favorites of "ShreadWheat". SolarFox on the Atari 2600. The point of the game is to scramble through 60 levels collecting space boxes. Each level gets is harder than the previous. Obstacles like bullets, mines, and asteroids cover your every move. Beat the Skip timer and grab the powerups for your only chance. Solarwolf runs on nearly every platform. It is one of the first games made for pygame, and has been recently fixed up and re-released.

How to play?

Now solarwolf is available as a python package on the package cheeseshop (pypi). You can install your wheels of cheese and play solarwolf by simply doing:

python3 -m pip install solarwolf -U --user

python3 -m solarwolf


Bug fixes, game play improvements, accessibility improvements, and compatibility with modern python/pygame.

Summary of changes

  • distro: Move dist files to distro because modern python tooling breaks
  • Fix URL in README.rst
  • setup: Add python3.11 and 3.12 to pythons list
  • dist: Update some versions, urls, and comments
  • solarwolf: Add so python -m solarwolf works
  • gamenews: Fix for if there's a bad news file
  • gamenews: Fix https, bot blocking issue, bytes issue
  • gamenews: Fix for python thread API breakage
  • Create python-publish.yml
  • Fix for SDL2 bonus drawing on MacOS
  • Replaced Thread.isAlive with Thread.is_alive
  • Use the term "difficult" because the alternative was offensive.
  • Adding a and a so it knows which files to use.
  • Lots of python 3 fixes.
  • Moving files around to be more like a standard python package.
  • Using README.rst
  • slight additional padding for asteroid collision prediction on new ship
  • ensure pygame.quit is called
  • Updated game credits
  • Joystick mapping for Sixaxis controller
  • balancing speeds, powerups, and fixes
  • Code cleanups and remove unused imports. Powerups are more plentiful. Laser animation for combustion powerup. Update for showing system error dialog.
  • The alternately colored boxes should be ordered along the visible spectrum and the player’s ship should drain the box of energy until the box is no more.
  • some fixes for some colorblind folks with boxes
  • The file has been updated to manage and manipulate box image data, and the small and big box image data are now colored and animated using new functions. The level preview code in now references these variables rather than using hard-coded values.
  • Fix crash when changing between fullscreen and windowed mode while loading resources.
  • Whip sound at the start of a game now only plays if sound is not disabled.
  • solarwolf.desktop fixes, partially from Debian.
  • Level name corrections, from Debian.
  • Music/sound related fixes from Debian.
  • Quick fix for graphics dirty update performance. Noticed by Jordan Lewis.
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