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Python Reversi

First real Python/Pygame project. Lacking somewhat in prettiness, but the mechanics are there. Criticism welcome.

Spaceball 2000

Fun puzzle game where your goal is to lead the Earth back to the sun, after CERN's particle accelerator sent it spinning through space.

Hello World

A simple top-down maze puzzle game.


A platformer/puzzle game in which the objective in each level is to reach the goal, often rotating gravity in the process.


Educational activities based on multimedia elements (images, sounds, texts)

Basic Blind Chess

Blind Chess also known as "Dark Chess" or "Banqi" or Half Chess , is a two-player Chinese board game played on a 4x8 grid, or half of the xiangqi (Chinese Chess) board. This application is using Taiwan rule.

Mystic Mine

Guide your gold car through a mine, switching rails with a single button. You can only go down, but thanks to an optic illusion in the levels, you can always reach every point. Play this game alone or invite some friends and play against each other. The game supports up to 6 people on one keyboard. Everyone can enjoy this family friendly game, regardless of age or experience.


A simple and minimalistic version of the classic Minesweeper game with 6 difficulties.


A Minesweeper clone with a retro feel.


A Dominos game written purely in Python with PyGame.

Mana Clash

A different kind of Dr. Mario for Pygame.

A Lode Runner Story

A remake of the original classic combined with popular RPG elements (such as quests, skills, items) and based heavily on player choice.


Make the longest chain in this challenging puzzle game.


2d running game in airport enviroment for one to three players


SubSystem is an action puzzle game.


ZAC is an acronym for 'Zack and Cody'.

Simpy Big Two

Big Two is popular poker game in Taiwan. SimPy Big Two is simple big two game using Taiwan Big Two rules. It's coded by python and pygame.

Gravity Game

Launch your spaceship towards its destination but beware of the red planets' gravity fields.


Use your memorization skills to outmatch your opponent! Find matches and avoid the mismatches to win.


Old-school puzzle game with "fancy" graphics.


A puzzle game where you fill a board with colors using only knight movements. It's a clone of the game troyis.


A hard breakout game with random levels.

Tetratris True

A Tetris lover's dream, Tetratris True features a great array of game modes and a fun multiplayer mode to keep you busy for hours!

Sudoku Solver

Solves sudoku puzzles

Multiplication Table Game

Multiplication table game, tests to see if you can look up info from a table quickly.


Another clone of de SameGame.

Shanghai Mahjong Solitaire

comes with a map editor


a little casual game


collapse clone



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