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Pipes meets Tetris,and greets loopZ on the way. Create closed circuits by rotating tiles and placing them on the playfield

Sammy Fischer

A pygame port of a game I wrote for Android phones.

Installer-free version for Windows :

Create closed circuits by using random tiles. Before placing them with the mouse. You can rotate them using the mouse wheel, the cursor keys (left/right) or S and D

There are three difficulty levels, three different gameplay mode (which require different tactics), there are also eleven awards the player can earn for completing different tasks. Those range from the very easy (make more than 500 points) to the incredibly difficult (â?make more than 2000 pointsâ? or â??make more than 600 points while using less than 3 seconds per tileâ?).

A longer and better description can be found at

No .deb or .rpm yet, nor any installation package for macs. I don't own a mac nor have I access to one, so :sorry, but you'll have to install python2.6 and pygames manually to play. (I'll create the linux packages in the next few days)



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Circuits 1.0.4 — 18 Dec, 2009 account Comments

  • Tom_Arnall 2015-06-15 04:11

    sounds interesting but none of the source files are available. they are all corrupted compressions.