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The Primezator 42953

Block-pushing puzzle game with a number twist.

The Primezator 42953 is a puzzle game based on simple math and prime numbers. The goal is to push around number blocks and get a prime number to put into a door. Once all the doors are filled and all numbers are used, you complete the level. Also, if you don't know what's prime and what isn't, the game already labels prime numbers. Adding numbers is as simple as pushing two blocks together. There are also five operation boxes for the remainder of the functions: subtraction, multiplication, division, square, and square root. Push the blocks into the operation boxes in order to receive a new number. There are 50 levels, and you can create or edit levels as you wish. If you manage to create some particularly hard levels, email them to me (see instructions in the game), and I may create a new version with more hard levels.



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The Primezator 42953 1.0 — 3 Jul, 2009 account Comments