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OcempGUI - 0.2.1

OcempGUI is a python based toolkit for creating (graphical) user interfaces using the pygame library. It offers various widgets and base classes making it suitable for a broad range of projects and easily extensible by the creation of own widgets and more.

Marcus von Appen

OcempGUI is a small toolkit, which comes with various modules suitable for event management, user interfaces, 2D drawing and accessibility.

OcempGUI enables developers to enhance their python and/or pygame applications and games easily with graphical UI elements such as buttons, entry boxes, scrolling abilities and more as well as simple event brokers or features, which enhance the program by adding accessibility to its objects.

It can save a developer much time by providing a broad range of drawing routines and ready-to-use event capable object types. The developer can focus on the main tasks instead of taking care about needed low-level components, which are given to him with OcempGUI.



  • New Magnifier class, a magnification tool for pygame screens.
  • String.* functions now allow additional style flags to be passed.
  • New method apply_font_styles() in String module to apply different rendering styles to a font.
  • New Subject and IObserver class for simple Observer pattern needs.
  • New method clear() in EventManager class, which removes all objects and signals from all event queues.
  • New SIG_SCREENCHANGED signal, which indicates changes of the bound 'screen' attribute of the Renderer.
  • New method create_style() in BaseWidget class, which is a replacement for the deprecated get_style() method.
  • New WidgetStyle dictionary class, which can track key-value changes.
  • New ImageLabel class for simple image displays.
  • New style entry 'shadowcolor' for adjusting dropshadow effects.
  • New method clear() in Renderer class, which removes all objects from the Renderer layers.


  • Fixed emittance of SIG_TICK events on all layers, if an event grabber is set.
  • The Style class now makes use of WidgetStyle dictionaries to track style changes.
  • Fixed drawing in the draw_dropshadow() method of the DefaultEngine class for larger shadow values.
  • Fixed doubled assignment of the 'screen' attribute in the Renderer class on VIDEORESIZE events.
  • Fixed a bug in the remove_index() method of the Renderer class for empty arguments.
  • Fixed the size calculation for larger spacing values in the Table class.
  • Fixed a focusing bug in the Window class, which prevented children to receive the correct input focus under some circumstances.
  • Fixed depth assignment for widgets attached to the Bin or Container class.
  • Fixed 'indexable' assignment for the 'controls' attribute of the BaseWidget class.
  • Fixed creation of the Table internals on invocation of its constructor.
  • Fixed event.handled assignment on clicks in Entry class.
  • The get_style() method of the BaseWidget class is deprecated.


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OcempGUI 0.2.0 — 22 Jul, 2006

OcempGUI 0.1.0 — 24 Nov, 2005

OcempGUI 0.1.2 — 16 Feb, 2006

OcempGUI 0.0.9 — 13 Oct, 2005

OcempGUI 0.1.1 — 9 Dec, 2005

OcempGUI 0.2.1 — 25 Aug, 2006

OcempGUI 0.0.8 — 17 Sep, 2005

OcempGUI 0.2.4 — 8 Jan, 2007

OcempGUI 0.2.6 — 1 Feb, 2007

OcempGUI 0.2.2 — 19 Oct, 2006

OcempGUI 0.2.3 — 20 Nov, 2006

OcempGUI 0.2.5 — 22 Jan, 2007

OcempGUI 0.2.7 — 23 Mar, 2007

OcempGUI 0.0.8-NYR — 7 Sep, 2005

OcempGUI 0.2.8 — 10 Jan, 2008

OcempGUI 0.2.9 — 10 May, 2008 account Comments