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Basegolf is the first shareware binary game created with pygame. Hit baseballs from a pitcher to the hole on a golf course. Good hits advance the runners for points. Play on several different courses, including the moon.


Asymptopia BlackJack Teaches kids to gamble (and count)! This is a card game for younger players.


This game was written, because I am in New Zealand (in Auckland) and it just does not snow here. So an old game came into my mind a friend and myself have written in the 80s (on the C64). We never finished/published it. Therefore I rewrote it using python and pygame.


Solus Memory is the classic card matching game in python. This version is free and includes customizable card graphics. You can play by yourself or against up to three other people or the computer, and you can have each computer player use any of four different difficulty levels.


Pydance is a dancing game based on ideas from dancing games in the arcade. Dance with your body (or your fingers) and try to keep the beat. The better you do, the higher you score. There is full support for floor pads, so you can dance dance the night away.


A screenshot of the very basic unfinished GUI with placeholder graphics.


Tendrils is an RPG with rhythmic combat. The better you match the beat of the music, the better your characters do at attacking and dodging. Imagine a cross between Final Fantasy and Dance Dance Revolution. It's like DDR plus RPG, so if you like, you can call it a DDRPG. The game also includes a "Bards Tale" style first person dungeon crawler interface, and many minigames used to unlock traps.


L.A.M.B. is a remake of the classic and exciting economic simulator, M.U.L.E. It comes with networked multiplayer support.


This project is aimed at duplicating the gameplay of SpaceHulk, first edition, as a computer game. At the moment it is best played with 2 players, hotseat (sharing one computer). There is a computer player for the Genestealers, but it's buggy and stupid at the moment.

fight for ur life

u are a person that is in a city trying to escape but then a mass army of aliens come in and trap u in fight ur way out or die trying

Test your memory

A very simple game for small kids

Number Invaders

The good old Number Invaders game from Casio. As I can remember it.


it is a quiz with 9 questions.


A multi purpose deck of cards. Perfect for playing solitaires or what ever.


Zener cards and poker game finally meet.


A slightly triangular game for one or two players cooperative.

Super Robots

Robots are invating Earth,their leader,Zioe is sending mind-control robots to control all humans. It's up to you to stop him!

Magical Boutique

This is a hybrid simulation / stat-building -- visual novel game made with the Ren'Py engine ( This is our effort to bridge the gap between visual novels / anime culture and the more mainstream gaming culture.


Game I created for learning use.


Match a picture with its name in the alloted time to win. This game is played like the game known as Concentration, Memory or Match. There are multiple levels, a highscore, and soundtrack.


A single-player hamster game.


TouchCode is a game where you have to remember some colour-codes, which were played by the computer. You have to repeat the colours by clicking on the coloured wheel.


this have no goal


Text and webbrowser based game. Still in the initial stage. Of course itÂŽs intended for online game play. But some may evolve to a 2d real time game.


A (very) long running project to create a unique and detailed game and world (from an isometric view-point).


Simple 2d mesh generator


Post Apocalyptic, Turn-based Strategy RPG using an Isometric engine.


Board game framework for the GGZ Gaming Zone.

Pyramid online (MMORPG)

This iwas an Entry in PyWeek #4 by: Treeform, HexDecimal, Lans, Snarius

Tic Tac Toe

A game of Human Vs. Human Tic Tac Toe