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PiLord P & B /project/3089/ Sorry, I changed my mind on releasing this game. Could someone tell me how to delete this? That's the reason I removed the file from the linked website. 2017-03-25 02:08:03.943958
PiLord P & B /project/3089/ Sorry, I changed my mind on releasing this game. Could someone tell me how to delete this? That's the reason I removed the file from the linked website. 2017-03-25 02:07:59.996897
PiLord P & B /project/3089/ Sorry. The reason there isn't any downloadable file at the link is because I wanted to wait just a little bit. It should be ready be april. Check back in april. 2017-03-25 02:06:42.338327
PiLord P & B /project/3089/ april 2017-03-25 02:02:56.424709
Gabe /project/3088/ Hi. 2017-03-24 22:19:51.029995
skrell /project/3013/ I guess you forgot that evaluating "if textinput.update(events):" actually calls the function that implements your string. If you put textinput.update(events) elsewhere in your code it just does it twice. 2017-03-23 13:34:20.126855
Paul /project/3082/ That was intentional :D 2017-03-22 15:17:40.760617
Paul /project/3082/ Colors remind me of the classic Game Boy! 2017-03-22 03:37:59.153287
Henry D /project/3013/ Hey! does this allow for a text box to be blitted to the game display? i intend to use this as a user friendly input for a quiz, (non for profit of course) and was wondering if the text box can be blitted to a certain part of the screen(in my case the bottom middle of the game display) thanks in advance :) 2017-03-20 19:45:08.229355
Elias /project/3039/ thanks :) 2017-03-16 15:21:53.791766
Elias /project/3039/ idk 2017-03-16 15:21:30.087616
Testing mc test /project/112/ A test comment. 2017-03-13 16:12:30.087510
Diliup G /project/1693/ dead link! :( 2017-03-12 13:14:08.948138
Lars P /project/3005/ All true. I used Ubuntu and Python 2. Thanks for pointing this out. 2017-03-12 10:56:22.679495
Lars P /project/3005/ It took me about 2 days. The idea was to create a simple example of a mouse controlled game. Hopefully I will have time to do some more, like a card game which requires mouse dragging. 2017-03-12 10:55:24.633773
Иван Тимофеев /project/3026/ vvnnbb 2017-03-12 08:43:54.642150
xinmingzhang /project/1693/ The link given here is broken so this library is of no use to anyone. 2017-03-12 05:54:44.767725
Cătălin George Feștilă /project/1433/ Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 665, in main() File "", line 651, in main app.start() File "/home/mythcat/pmx-10a2/", line 584, in start self.update() File "", line 624, in update FGame.update(self) File "/home/mythcat/pmx-10a2/", line 600, in update self.screen.update() File "", line 453, in update self.render_map.blit(sprite.image,sprite.get_pos()) pygame.error: Surfaces must not be locked during blit 2017-03-11 19:29:10.248684
Rene Dudfield /project/596/ Looks like the website is at: 2017-03-10 12:03:03.185535
paveway3 /project/3005/

I probably should have done some research before my initial post... The division operator ( / ) does floor division with integers in Python 2 and does 'true division' in Python 3. The floor division operator ( // ) was added in Python 3 and Python 2.2+. Therefore, I presume that the author wrote this with 2.x where c = mouse_pos[0] / TILE_WIDTH would have returned an int and worked correctly.

2017-01-23 14:55:28
paveway3 /project/3005/

I had this problem too. Determined that it was a problem converting the mouse position to a tile position. I changed lines 118 and 119 from:
c = mouse_pos[0] / TILE_WIDTH
r = mouse_pos[1] / TILE_HEIGHT
c = mouse_pos[0] // TILE_WIDTH
r = mouse_pos[1] // TILE_HEIGHT
The division operator was returning a float, so c and r would not evaluate correctly in the following if statement. I assume it was working correctly for the author, so it may be a difference in implementation. I notice that the screenshot is from Ubuntu, (no way of knowing what version of Python). I am running Python 3.4 on Windows.

2017-01-23 14:26:57
Mailmann006 /project/3016/

To each their own I suppose.

2017-01-22 14:41:02
Eddie Bruggemann /project/3016/

Okay, I have change the <h1> tag into a <h2> tag and what
take so much space is my screenshot from a size of 800x613.
It's not wrong that my presentation takes too much place, but it's only because of the inserted screenshot.

I have insert this screenshot so that you can sea how is the game in run

because the thumb only show the presentation screen.
And the others can do the same I think.
I get others protestations counter my presentation I will remove the
screenshot, then the final user won't be able to sea how the game is in
run on the first look at it.

2017-01-22 13:09:40
Merritt Brenneman /project/816/

The code should be somewhere inside the program. Trying "Show Contents" or opening the file with a script editor. I haven't looked in a while, but I think that's the general way it works.

2017-01-22 05:07:29
Killer gamer /project/1099/ 01f0e53611e66a83cf33a23ed31664c993154f8e470601.jpg

2017-01-21 23:35:20
Killer gamer /project/1099/


2017-01-21 23:34:47
Killer gamer /project/1099/

2017-01-21 23:33:46
DerppyMan /project/1099/

you have to download the py2exe lol

2017-01-21 23:31:53
tomy /project/3011/


2017-01-19 16:40:17
Mailmann006 /project/3016/

You should shorten your summary so it doesn't take up so much room on the games list page. If you click on the arcade link, you will see that your game is taking up the whole page.

2017-01-19 14:23:08
Mailmann006 /project/3011/

I still get the php error when I try the link you provided :(

2017-01-18 20:41:13
jmm0 /project/3011/

I've sent an email to your Gmail address containing the semi-secret link.

2017-01-18 13:25:52
elaina143 /project/816/

hello, if you don't mind. Where can we find the codes for this?

2017-01-15 14:28:01
elaina143 /project/816/

where can i find the codes?

2017-01-15 14:25:32
Andréoti Castillo /project/3005/

i can not move the tiles

2017-01-13 22:19:43
Mailmann006 /project/3011/

How do you guys create an account on this site? I have some fun code and a pretty nice game i'd like to upload. Thanks!

2017-01-12 13:44:13
budist /project/1055/

offline :(

2017-01-09 21:45:04
Matt /project/3013/

Could you possibly post how you solved it, in case anyone else comes here with the same problem?

2017-01-08 02:36:46
fydmyster /project/3011/

I'll upload the source soon. Sorry I had kinda misplaced it.

2017-01-06 09:22:13
William Savage /project/3013/

I have solved this

2017-01-05 23:12:43