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Computer game

Computer games are programs that enable a player to interact with a virtual game environment for entertainment and fun. There are many types of computer games available, ranging from traditional card games to more advanced video games such as role playing games and adventure games. In this chapter, we first discuss the different types of computer games. The architecture of computer games is also described. Finally, the programming environment that is used to build the computer games is discussed.

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Block Tower Defense

Tower defense game still in the Alpha stages

Tank Trouble Deathmatch

The only thing you do in the game is to navigate on a 2-D map, and fire.

Solitaire 247

Solitaire game is a whole assortment of different games which is enjoyed by a large portion of the players. The game is troublesome and simple as indicated by the class one plays with. It is additionally useful for youngsters as it helps in building up their abilities.

Ball-E Bot

Bot learns how to keep the ball in the air. Good for research.

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Basic Blind Chess

Blind Chess also known as "Dark Chess" or "Banqi" or Half Chess , is a two-player Chinese board game played on a 4x8 grid, or half of the xiangqi (Chinese Chess) board. This application is using Taiwan rule.

Full information on setting up the router.

Torpedo-Battlez-1.0 | NEW RELEASE

Use your warships strength and power to plow through multiple puny destroyers! Call for an airstrike by pressing the key A. Beware, you can only use an airstrike once every 30 seconds!

Pong test

i dunno

Online dice generator

Online dice generator for Role play game and other.


A simple "matching" game where you aim to score as high as you can.

temple run 3

play temple run 3 online

Tank Trouble 3

Tank Trouble 3 is the classic version of the best tank game sequence. In the arcade games world, there is probably no better tank game than this one in terms of the versatility of the game modes and enjoyable gaming experience.

Pseudo 3d road

a pseudo 3d road engine written with python and pygame

raycasting + floorcasting

a raycasting and floorcasting engine written with python and pygame


Simple Python Arkanoid like game.



Ultimate Tic Tac Toe

A bigger version of tic tac toe 9x9 with 9 grids.

tank storm

Tank Storm is a different flavor in the online tank games type. It is a mission-based game where you control a tank from above, go through a map where you can only progress linearly. In this game, unlike others, you control a realistic tank which has three different types of bullets: normal caliber, heavy bullet, and a rocket missile. Your enemies are soldiers, lightly armored military vehicles, heavily armored tanks, stationary heavy machine guns, and even helicopters!

Planet Lander (Lunar lander with random terrain generation)

A game made during courses at the IT department of the university of Nantes. Based on Lunar Lander from 1979. Artificial intelligence solving the game, and random terrain generation.