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Ball Sport

2D juggling game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4


SleepDungeon is a open source game written in Python3 and PyGame. It was created in the year 2018 at a GameJam at the university of Dresden, Germany.

The game of Amazons

i hope you feel funny when playing my game! if any question, write a email to me at: [email protected]

fig educational language

single-file program translator (python 2) uses pygame for graphics




Tetris Clone

Monster Clash

Monster Clash is a generic RPG. You slay monsters, buy items, and level up.

Don't Take my Stuff!

A game about a hoarder who needs to clean up his house.

Tic Tac Toe

I hope u all like this..



Tamagotchi Emulator

Emulates the handheld digital pet Tamagotchi.

Black Jack

A Black Jack game with most of the bells and whistles.

Projectile Motion Simulation

Projectile Motion Simulation

O² Space Salvage

A game about cleaning up space, in Space...

Virtual Console - WP

a virtual console

AtlasOS Ambition

Python Operating Environment with built-in virtual filesystem


It's a game about QA Engineer, which try to find a bugs.

Button Blasters

My first game in python, made with pygame.

Sword Battle

A sword fighting game where you gain fans and earn upgrades as you go on. But dying will make you restart your run.

Road Rage

A game about managing Traffic in a city.

Hex Kingdom

A small, 5 minute strategy game.


A simple stopwatch created with pygame.

Px Editor

a pixel art tool

Game of Ur

Oldest known board game. 2 500 BC Mesopotomia. You play against the computer. Similar to Ludo. Intended as a minigame inside a larger game, but here a standalone game. This version has very little player test time, feedback is appreciated

Gim Descent

A tactical, creature-killing roguelike