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A Brief Detail about Firearm Reciever

the legitimately constrained part is serialized. Lower receiver parts are rightfully acknowledged the original receiver for the AR-15 rifle doesn't matter although it is functionally a framework that also

Space Invaders

Space Invaders is a classic arcade game from 1978. This Python / Pygame version includes hordes of aliens, bosses, ufos, and power ups; the game gets tougher level by level.

Animation Maker

Not exactly a standalone project. The work is an external interface to create sprite animation in another game (Historical Wargame). May create a standalone repo later when it is more finished.

Pygame IRC (Multiplayer Chat)

A simple project which demonstrates how to use pygame with Python's socket programming. Documentation and other tutorials can be found on my youtube channel.

Orbital Patterns

A program which plots pattern that revolving planets make. Usually, people visualise just 2 planets but this one gives you the freedom to spawn any number of planets.


Kill bacteria, Dodge bullets and defeat the virus in this bullet hell!

Pygame GUI

A GUI library with good text support, windows & lots of theming options.

Happy New Year 2022

Here some fireworks.

Coulomb Law Lines

Simple pygame script to visualize the electric field as moving flow lines in the electrostatic case

Space Way

A game about space, during which you have to dodge obstacles

Texture Mapping on a Sphere

Texture mapping on a sphere, here a rotating globe, using NumPy math and a simple Mercator projection map. Real-time 3D rotation with some limitations.


A simple program of 4Wins! and Anti-4Wins! for two players.

Down The Mineshaft

Hunt for some gold while something hunts you

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use

Quiz maker with Pygame

make quiz with pygame

Acquire top-quality Defense grid online at honest rates

While purchasing a Defense grid from an online store, you should make sure to choose a reliable one that offers the best pricing on high-quality items. The chosen website’s mission must be to offer efficient items that all kinds of shooters will be impressed with.

Texture Mapping (Tutorial)

Texture Mapping does real-time affine texture mapping on convex flat surfaces in 3D space using Python, NumPy and CPU for calculations (each pixel calculated in this module) and pygame for display. There's a tutorial mode which shows the mapping sections on both the original still image and the 3D rotated surface. (Set self.tutorial_mode to True for tutorial mode.)

Sprite Frames Animation w. XML

Animation Frames in XML file with pygame


Free side-scrolling team action game.

Jelly Cubes

Jelly Cubes is a short routine showing two co-centric, semi-transparent cubes rotating so that one will grow out of the other, showing the parts outside the bigger cube being "cut".

Tree Maker

Create different trees and tree-like structures using fractal-like math.

Pygame Simplifier

Using `pygame` can be cumbersome sometimes. This module simplifies its use by providing shortcuts for the most used `pygame` function and turning game coding into Event-driven programming.