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Albow Python 3

Pygame UI widget set

katy mattress

Very different from what I was used to. The firm feel was a bit odd at first but after a couple of sleeps it felt really nice. I guess I need to use this more often so I can take...

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use

Ever's Bone Hunt

This is a test game I think I made a game before on one of my computers but could not locate it... so I am remaking my first game about my dog in my animated series that is a comic called " Dogs Without Tales ". Please Enjoy!


A small, challenging colonial era-themed videogame I just finished developing. Please try it out!

Brickout Game

It's not too bad.

The Quest For The Holy Cream Betweens

A 2d turn based rpg where you try to aquire your lost knock off brand oreos Btw im the same guy who made 5 nights in the basement and dynamic equilibrium (sword battle) so if u liked those please check this out


Tile-matching game



Paper Football League

2.5D sports arcade game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4


Simple 2D zombie shooter game.

my first game

my first game, so don't complain it is bad.

Najlepsza giełda transportowa

Dla wszystkich szukających ekonomicznego transportu, dla których ponadto ważne jest środowisko dobrym rozwiązaniem będzie skorzystanie z giełdy transportowej, takiej własnie jak Clicktrans. Ekologiczny transport, który nie kosztuje fortunę.

Snake game inspired from but features a python instead of a Snake. Made in Python 3



Avoid the Void

A game made in less than 45 min. It is very bad but fun!

Alien Park

Survive an alien invasion at the park

Game of Ur 7

Old Mesopotamian game board

2D Multiplayer game engine (chmups)

Multiplayer engine demo


The simple game about Green Cubic.

Best courier service

Great way to find professional transport service.


A video game.

non toxic mattress

Our mattresses are proudly handmade in the U.S. Having our mattresses made to order right here in the U.S. gives us the ability to offer a healthier and fresher sleep.