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Pygame Framerate Independence Tutorial

A short video and demo detailing how to implement framerate independence and delta time movement in Pygame.

Self Driving Car Genetic Algorithim

Car learns how to drive through evolutionary tactics

Dodge Genetic Algorithim

Genetic Algorithm applied to a small game in pygame

Pygame Simplifier

Using `pygame` can be cumbersome sometimes. This module simplifies its use by providing shortcuts for the most used `pygame` function and turning game coding into Event-driven programming.

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use


A downloadable platform game for Windows and Linux.

Turn Based Battle

Turn based battle demo

Rising Apocalypse

Fight zombies and collect weapons. Rebirth to unluck multipliers.

Basic Blind Chess

Blind Chess also known as "Dark Chess" or "Banqi" or Half Chess , is a two-player Chinese board game played on a 4x8 grid, or half of the xiangqi (Chinese Chess) board. This application is using Taiwan rule.


"My first cat was named Speedy. Because when he went into one of those crazy dashes across the house, he'd run all along the backrest of the couch, like one of those motorcycle stuntperson. On a near-vertical surface."

Space Way

A game about space, during which you have to dodge obstacles

Historical Wargame Simulator

Historical battle simulator in the formed of tactical map with the purpose to provide both enjoyment and educational value to the player.


pygame (the library) is a Free and Open Source python programming language library for making multimedia applications like games.


Free side-scrolling team action game.

my first project

it is a test to learn pygame


Hi! A while ago, I made a game called "DrawREC". I said that in the game there would be a size update, and never planned to fix it. I saw the description today and thought maybe this is the time to fix it. After all, it's almost 2021! Happy new year!

Wuxia World

Explore the 2D Wuxia World, train with the Elite Four or join renowned sects such as Shaolin and Wudang, acquire powerful items and complete quests to learn new moves and skills, and more! Will you choose the path of chivalry or take advantage of the weak to obtain power and riches? Do you have what it takes to win the Duel at Huashan and claim the title of "Number One in the World"? Begin your adventure in Wuxia World today!

Pygame colliders

Library to handle complex collisions.

Souls Of The Tower BETA

Survival-horror quest game about recovering old tower. Flashlight and elevators are your only friends here.. Made for PyWeek28.

pygame book

What is a pygame 4000 for?

Pygame RPG Fighter

Take control of your character and challenge the perilous dungeon, battling waves of enemies!


Pymunk is a easy-to-use pythonic 2d physics library that can be used whenever you need 2d rigid body physics from Python.