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Snake 1024

A snake game where u are a red snake trying to eat all the green apples that just pop into existance.


A Snake game made with PyGame and beautiful images.

Snake Classic & Normal

Popular Snake game in My Version.


the player goes through a series of events as you make decisions that effect the entire game

Super Potato Bruh

a Super Meat Boy-like platformer with Bullet Hell elements

Get Ducked!

Become the duck!

The Adventures Of Pablo

Pablo explores mexico.

Mastermind Networking Lib

A networking lib designed to be simple to use.

SkyBit OS

The OS for pygame

Spike Dungeon

A roguelite falling game for the 4th Alakajam...

Ball Sport

2D juggling game made in Python 3.6.3 with Pygame 1.9.4

Drawing Gravity Ball

First I tried to make a bouncy ball, then this happened.

Fantasy Heroes JRPG

Still in development fantasy old-school JRPG

beat mouse

Beatmouse game: beat mouse and get point :)))

Mini soccer Championship

mini soccer championship - simpple soccer 2D simulation game


A bullethell game


Uma alma perdida vaga no subsolo...

Serious Gregor

Game to teach children


Trying to get it to run. Little asteroids game. not that interesting


DEMO:UNDROGUELIKE é um jogo de roguelike diferente...

Fake Arkanoid

A simple Arkanoid made with pygame

Pygame menu

Menu for pygame, simple, lightweight and easy to use


A sokoban game by MILOWORK. Video:

Hit balls

A simple game. Don't touch the balls!


Destroy antigens pressing SPACE.

Graphical Hangman

This is a graphical hangman game I'm building to get used to PyGame and to become a better coder.