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OcempGUI - 0.2.0

OcempGUI is a python based toolkit for creating (graphical) user interfaces using the pygame library. It offers various widgets and base classes making it suitable for a broad range of projects and easily extensible by the creation of own widgets and more.

Marcus von Appen

OcempGUI is a small toolkit, which comes with various modules suitable for event management, user interfaces, 2D drawing and accessibility.

OcempGUI enables developers to enhance their python and/or pygame applications and games easily with graphical UI elements such as buttons, entry boxes, scrolling abilities and more as well as simple event brokers or features, which enhance the program by adding accessibility to its objects.

It can save a developer much time by providing a broad range of drawing routines and ready-to-use event capable object types. The developer can focus on the main tasks instead of taking care about needed low-level components, which are given to him with OcempGUI.


  • New papi (python accessible programming interface) module, which bridges directly to the ATK/AT-SPI accessibility system and allows any python application and object to be made accessible.
  • New FaderSurface class, which can fade in and out surfaces using alpha transparency.
  • New INotifyable interface class.
  • New ButtonBase class for rapid creation of own Button widgets.
  • New Diagram and Graph2D classes for drawing diagrams and graphs.
  • New ViewPort class, which acts as proxy class to add scrolling abilities to widgets.
  • Real z-axis support using different layers.
  • Improved rendering and theme support by a better separation of styles and drawing code.
  • Instant updates. Widgets are redrawn instantly instead of being bound to a timer.
  • and many others.
  • Changes:
  • Minimum pygame requirement changed to version 1.7.1.
  • Installation of additional data now respects the user flags.
  • Filename fixes for case-insensitibe filesystems.
  • EventManager class does not use __slots__ anymore.
  • Removed RenderLayer class.
  • Improved the look of the Scale widgets.
  • Style.load() now recognizes variables, which start with '_'.
  • The ListItemCollection now inherits from UserList.
  • The ListItemCollection constructor now receives optional list arguments.
  • and many others.
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    OcempGUI 0.2.0 — 22 Jul, 2006

    OcempGUI 0.1.0 — 24 Nov, 2005

    OcempGUI 0.1.2 — 16 Feb, 2006

    OcempGUI 0.0.9 — 13 Oct, 2005

    OcempGUI 0.1.1 — 9 Dec, 2005

    OcempGUI 0.2.1 — 25 Aug, 2006

    OcempGUI 0.0.8 — 17 Sep, 2005

    OcempGUI 0.2.4 — 8 Jan, 2007

    OcempGUI 0.2.6 — 1 Feb, 2007

    OcempGUI 0.2.2 — 19 Oct, 2006

    OcempGUI 0.2.3 — 20 Nov, 2006

    OcempGUI 0.2.5 — 22 Jan, 2007

    OcempGUI 0.2.7 — 23 Mar, 2007

    OcempGUI 0.0.8-NYR — 7 Sep, 2005

    OcempGUI 0.2.8 — 10 Jan, 2008

    OcempGUI 0.2.9 — 10 May, 2008 account Comments