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LGT: Lightweight Game Toolkit

LGT provides OpenGL sprites with rotations, scaling and blending. It also includes a cooperative threading scheduler, an event engine, and safe, simple network comms using Twisted.


pygsear is a programming framework using Python and Pygame. It includes classes for drawable objects, paths, cursors, widgets and more, and it comes with a large number of examples. There is also (experimental) code using Twisted for networking.


Pyzzle is a free open source Myst/Riven interface style engine. It was orginally written for the 'MadTV' project, but decided to separate it into a free standing engine so people can use it in their own games. Pyzzle comes with Orbis Tertius, a small environment with high quality graphics.

Spineless game engine

Spineless is a generic cross-platform 3D game engine implemented in Python. Focus is on flexibility, clean design and ease of use, not pure speed or bleeding edge graphics.


SPyRE is a simple OpenGL rendering engine. It depends only on Python, Pygame, and PyOpenGL. You provide OpenGL drawing code within simple display objects, and the engine displays those objects, with a variety of viewing controls including panning, rotating and zooming. Currently the library is in development for a baseball simulation game. The library includes documentation and several examples.  


PyUI2 is a cross platform user interface library written in Python.


2D openGL python library that focuses on interaction. Built in graphical classes implement mouse event listeners. (in a way like macromedia director or flash do). It implements event listeners and rendering stack with Z layering.


viper is a wrapper for pygame designed to simplify the process of game development. In addition viper also provides additional high-level libaries for game development.


A simple but powerful Isometric Engine in the mode of Knightlore etc. Well commented and fully pydoc'ed with a manual to boot.


FibraNet allows pygame and other custom events to be dispatched to subscribed functions and methods. It simplifies concurrent simulations.


SiGL is a layer on top of pygame, which provides OpenGL graphics and other game related stuff.


BlackWings is a Framework intended to make graphical applications easier to be developed.

Easy Python

Easy Python is a module I'm writing with python and pygame to make python and pygame the best languages out there.


OpenGL based game framework on top of pygame written in Python and C++.

Python Media Player

Plays audio files.


Pygame Extended: OpenGL accelerated sprite/event-engine plus a miscellanous bunch of utility libraries


A fast, flexible, and cool looking GUI for pygame.


A Minimal OpenGL 2D Scenegraph.

PGU - Phil's pyGame Utilities

A collection of handy modules and scripts for PyGame.

simple game gui

Simple, well integrated, fast, easy-to-use and easy-to-setup, gui system for pygame addressed to games mostly.

eFFeeMMe's pyweek lib

I'm not sure if I'll join this pyweek, but if I do, I'll probably use this library, so I guess I have to make it public.

Sub-pixel surface

Sub-pixel rendering without using OpenGL!


UIX is GUI using pygame as main renderer.


ChessBoard is a Python implementation of the FIDE laws of chess.


A Little Bit of Widgetry for PyGame

A thin extension to pygame.sprite.RenderUpdates to allow user-defined layering of sprites.


OcempGUI is a python based toolkit for creating (graphical) user interfaces using the pygame library. It offers various widgets and base classes making it suitable for a broad range of projects and easily extensible by the creation of own widgets and more.

Basic rapid dev framework

A little module I threw together to avoid typing the same code in, each and every time I needed to make a little demo to check a maths function or library.


This is JoyWM, a GUI written in pygame. JoyWM can be controlled with a joystick (or a keyboard if no joystick is present).

RoeBros' GUI

This is RoeBros' GUI, but since he's gone he asked me to release it for him as the deadline for pyweek libraries ends tomorrow. I finished up his doc as well as I could, but it's not perfect.