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Cuzco's Goat Bloat Game

A fun game about chasing goats around a goat pen before they spread a terrible goat bloat disease to each other and explode!

Escape from Anathema Mines

An exciting game where you are a slave escaping from a diamond mine. Includes eight wild levels.


A basic ball and paddle game with nice space graphics.

Overlord Loach

This is basically a multiplayer worm game, with two human players and many AI players. Currently being ported to Java.


Glarf is a platformer like Mario or MegaMan or Contra


Bub Brothers is a network-based game with up to 10 players. Similar to the classic Bubble Bobble games, players compete to collect the most points. Tons of powerups and bonuses, frantic arcade action.


Mapacman is a multiplayer online pacman game. It requires pygame and the pyarianne packages. Arianne is a multiplayer online network engine designed for turn based and real time games. This project is a demonstration of what can be done.


A collection of classic vector arcade remakes. Currently contains the SpaceWarpy and Vektoroids games. Comes with a pygtk interface to select the different games.


Pytaxx is a clone of the arcade game Ataxx. Like gataxx from Gnome, but with a wicked recursive AI and cool pygame-powered graphics. It also features downloadable themes.


Pyx is inspired by the old Qix game by Taito (1981). Capture the enemy by blocking off sections of the screen.


SolarWolf is a frantic arcade action game. Pilot your nimble spaceship through 60 levels of box-collecting, bullet-dodging action. Certainly a pygame showcase title!


The classic arcade game with a few extras. Available in packaged form for Mac OS X and Windows, and as source.


Twitch is an overhead 2-d shooter, reminiscent of games like Robotron or Tron: Deadly Disks. The player has entered the fortress of the evil Hippopoticus, and is trying to rescue the fair Lady Penelope from his clutches. You need to progress through 10 rooms, defeating Hippopoticus's robotic army as you go.


Vertical shooter with lots of action. Enemies seem to have no difficulty shooting tons of bullets towards you. Answer in kind by grabbing the powerups and beating the bosses.  


Brian is a cross-platform jump-and-run platform game. It is a seperate game but it was heavily inspired by Commander Keen. Apart from graphics, sound and music, it will be close to a clone.


BrickBats is yet another Breakout/Arkanoid clone - written to reflect the author's taste for keyboard controls and distaste for falling rewards/penalties.


In PyRockets you control a small craft in an arena battling waves of droids. The 0.25 version is missing tons of features, but the core gameplay is in place as well as some particle effects. Lots of gratuitous particle effects.


LodeRunner makes an appearance post-y2k. All the brick-digging fun you remember from years ago.


Slagpanic is a colorful modernization of the classic, Qix. Your job is to box in a wild variety of enemies and obstacles. You can also grab powerups to make things easier.


Spacin'Vaders is loosely based in the old classic. Version 0.1 was developed in a couple of hours (some 500 lines of code), so it's no PS2 stuff you're looking at here, but it should be fun anyway, and the sound effects are particularly cool.


Yatris is a tetris game for 1 or two players. It uses themes for the block patterns and shapes.


Planet Zephulor is a side scrolling platform arcade game. Currently the game spans 15 levels.

Sheep Wars

A simple 3D action-strategy game where you build cannons and try to break the sheep pen of an opposing farmer.

Open Leaping Lemmings

Lemmings fall from the sky, and go "splat" if you fail to catch them


You must land the LunarLander on the surface. -- Du musst den LunarLander auf der OberflÀche landen.


Two players shooting game inspired by Liero and Jouts

Hymn of the Demon

The official game! A vertical shooter!


Collect green boxes in space, steer using mouse, watch out for those nasty mines and roids.


PySudoku is an implementation of Sudoku ( using Python & pygame.


A jump'n'run game like "Solomon's Key" or "Spherical"