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TRI is a stylish little arcade game with original concept and nice OpenGL visualization

Roman Akulov
T R I a game by Roman Akulov version 1.0 developed with Python 2.5, PyGame 1.7.1 and PyOpenGL 3.0.0a6 in approximately 6 hours on December 26-28th, 2007 INSTRUCTIONS: Control the blue triangle with the mouse. Avoid intersections with red triangles which will decrease your size. Aim at intersections with green triangles which will increase your size. Only the fact of intersection does matter, the area doesn't. Amount and speed of green and red triangles will gradually increase. The game ends when the blue triangle becomes too small and vanishes. SCORING: You will get the score for each moment you are alive. The greater your size, the more score you will get. The amount of score you get will increase quadratically to the time in game. MISCELLANEOUS: To clear the hi score, remove the "hiscore" file. Edit the "tri.ini" file to change window size or run in fullscreen mode. Good luck!



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