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QQ - 1.0

An example code for making a tiled map with animated sprites in PyGame.

Radomir Dopieralski
This is a sort of a tutorial about writing a tile-based animated game in Python using PyGame. I’m writing it, because it took me some time to figure out a way that works well for me – it wasn’t immediately obvious – and I’d like to save others some effort. Please don’t treat it as one and the only, or even just best way to do it. Of course, I’m always interested about hearing about better ways. I’m also not going to tell you how to write the whole game: I will concentrate on the parts directly related to PyGame. You are on your own with the rest.


Includes the chapters about reading tilesets, loading and displaying map, populating the map with static and animated objects. A chapter about the player character and interaction still pending.


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QQ 1.0 — 6 Jun, 2011 account Comments

  • RedReign 2012-11-29 02:49

    This is great, and I saw the guide you have on it but could you share how to make a similar game, but only has a 2D sprite-engine (aka a tile takes up its own square of space, not having to worry about actual "walls" but sprites that act as walls)?

    I've been wanting to make my own tile-based game for a while but your tutorials don't really give me quite the information I need. Thanks again!