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2d game world and sprite management library


vizier: a package for managing sprites and the screen, provides scrolling, scaling, and collision response. xrects: a package for polygons. uses the pygame rect as the axis aligned bounding box (AABB), and subclasses the rect to add the polygon object and methods for collision detection.


Click'n'Drag is a hierarchical surface framework for PyGame.


An example code for making a tiled map with animated sprites in PyGame.

Count_down maker

A simple class to make a count down or count up for your game. The class doc string gives all the details


A python lib to load sprites from a spritesheet using a sprite sheet definition file in json format. It includes also a generator for sprite definition files.


planes is a hierarchical surface framework for Pygame, formerly called clickndrag.

A simple countdown / countup for games written in Python/Pygame.

You can use this as a countdown or a timer in your games

Shooting Game

A simple shooting game with aliens that move in different patterns, missiles to kill them, and bombs to kill lots of them. I am currently continuing to develop this game, adding new features and learning more basic features of pygame and the python standard library. Hopefully my code can help other newbies learn the basics as well :) For my latest code, follow the home page link to the repo. For a specific release, follow the source link to the specific release.

Sprite Captor

a sprites extraction tool