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Example on how to implement a pixel-to-hexagon-map-location algorithm.

Map Editor

Simple map editor

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.

Hex stuff

It's an hexagonal map implementation with some nice extras such as pathfinding and heightmap loading.

map loader for 'tiled'

map loader for the tmx file format, generated by map editor 'Tiled'


An OpenStreetMap Visualization Toolkit for Python


Jetblade is a 2D platforming game in the style of the Metroid and Castlevania series, but with procedurally-generated maps.

pyMap Explorer

Free online map viewer (OpenStreetMap, CloudMade, CycleMap, ArcGIS...) Currently alpha version, in development

pyg Map Maker

2d Map Editor

Yamm - Yet Another Map Maker

A Simple and easy to use map maker with pygame under gnu gpl v3.


Fabula is an Open Source Python Game Engine suitable for adventure, role-playing and strategy games and digital interactive storytelling.

draggable tile map

An abandoned experiment in a combining parts for a game. Reads .tmx tiled files, has a reasonable tile map you can drag around, some buggy path finding and UI.


A project to create a top_down 2d RPG in the style of a JRPG SNES game. Two nations are at war, and there is a third pirate faction trying to profit off both, ruling the seas. Main character is from one of these 2 factions, or a pirate. Along his journey he will meet 3 other allies that will join him.

Phantasy Star Rebirth

Phantasy Star fangame in oldschool 90' sega genesis style. Open source engine and map editor included.


An example code for making a tiled map with animated sprites in PyGame.


Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology

Kyle's Map Editor

A relatively simple map editor! (hopefully someone will find this useful!)


A library and commandline tool for generating random maps using the method of particle deposition.


A simple, fast module for adding scrolling maps to your new or existing game.

Top Down Map Demo

A simple demonstration of a sprite moving around a map. Includes *very* simple graphical map editor.


Gummworld2 is a pygame framework for a scrolling game, where the map is larger than the display. It emphasizes simplicity and performance.

quakumei's Game of Biomass

Basically an implementation of Conway's game of life with arbitrary game field size.