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'Eskimo-run' Tutorial Game

A program to introduce people to pygame's basic areas of python/pygame.

Python Tutorial

It is a website that has a tutorial, a forum, and is updated EVERYDAY. Please go to this site, and tell all of your buddies to go here and talk on the forums.

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.

pygame,draw 1.0.0

Most new users to any system need some comprehensive working examples of certain functions. At least I know I did. Here is my contribution to the pygame gene pool with some pygame.draw examples.

Rect Collision Response

A simple demo on how to do side-based rect collision response.

3D MathTests 0.1

A selection of 3D spacial math tests for a possible space game


An example code for making a tiled map with animated sprites in PyGame.

Python Game Programming (Greek) ebook

This (Greek) ebook offers a comprehensive tutorial of simple game writing using Python and Pygame. It requires no prior programming experience and aims to help the beginner programmer create his own games by learning a programming language in a fun and productive way. In Greek only (sorry about that!)

Mek's Sample Code

A collection of some simple pygame examples I wrote to illustrate basic concepts.

gltut for python

Tutorial examples from the online book "Learning Modern 3d Graphics Programming," written by Jason L. McKesson, converted into python.

Top Down Map Demo

A simple demonstration of a sprite moving around a map. Includes *very* simple graphical map editor.

Pygame tutorial

It is a basic tutorial for people who want to learn how to develop a basic video game with pygame


Snake game [tutorial]

slope walk + scrolling camera

a tool to help in walking on slopes and scrolling games for python and pygame developers

Flappy bird

The simplest way to create flappy bird in pygame.