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Mango Begins

Jump your way through a mysteriousworld in this new platforming game!


A very simple framework for playing tabletop games with other people over a network.

Temporal Distraction: Peaceful Mind (Alpha)

It's a simple (BSDL) RPG being made in PyGame

Yamm - Yet Another Map Maker

A Simple and easy to use map maker with pygame under gnu gpl v3.


a simple rpg. Once I'm better at python, I am hoping to make a better one that is in the persona/corpse party/jrpg genre

Python Dungeon Crawler

A rogue-like dungeon crawling game

Project Graff

It's a Roguelike, done up in python with pygame, currently in "really early" state of development.


A dungeon crawling game, where you are a Miko who has to defeat the monsters that kidnapped her, using a variety of weapons and spells.


A 2D space shooter RPG in the similar to Star Control 2, Escape Velocity, or Star Wolves 3. Far from finished and interested in collaboration.

Jade University

You are a student who was accepted into a school you didn't know existed - Jade University. Role-play a student in a unique world with both sci-fi and fantasy elements. Being Written on a 10.04 OS X Mac, in Python 2.6.

Multiplayer RPG

A small 2D RPG project .

Quantum Man

A 2D RPG/Puzzle game which combines the thrill of searching your surroundings for clues and helpful stuff to get to the next level, with the satisfaction of gaining better items and figuring out how to beat a certain monster.

Runeweaver 2

An rpg built on the Pygcurses library (built on top of Pygame). Game will feature the ability to craft your own spells using runes, hopefully an open world along with NPC's to interact with for quests. Exploration will reward the player with new runes to craft different spells with.

2d Tile Based JRPG

It's a 2d Tile Based JRPG. It's still in pretty early stages.


Mine*raft-like game written in pygame, pyopengl, cython, c

Medieval X

A simple game with the objective being to eliminate every enemy on the map.


Physics based shooter with role-play elements.

Urh Dungeon

Simple RPG game made to learn pygame.

(Not decided)

A UNFINISHED (just starting!) 2D RPG


A project to create a top_down 2d RPG in the style of a JRPG SNES game. Two nations are at war, and there is a third pirate faction trying to profit off both, ruling the seas. Main character is from one of these 2 factions, or a pirate. Along his journey he will meet 3 other allies that will join him.


RPG Project in its alpha stages. NEED HELP!

Medieval X Battle

A python-pygame-pyggel medieval fps


Procedural dungeons made of tiny rooms; Dungeon Crawling for short attention spans! (And very small screens!)

Phantasy Star Rebirth

Phantasy Star fangame in oldschool 90' sega genesis style. Open source engine and map editor included.

Dog Microphone

So, if you and your mates want to play a role-playing game of your own design, but don't have a table to sit around, you might need this.

Island Generator

Uses the Perlin Noise algorithm to generate random islands.


Python Roguelike based around drugs.

RPG Tile

Simple background generator, using tiled sprites.


A better rpg than ever before

Random Dungeon Generator

Generates a random rogue-like dungeon that could be used as a dungeon generator for 2D games.

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