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Jade University

You are a student who was accepted into a school you didn't know existed - Jade University. Role-play a student in a unique world with both sci-fi and fantasy elements. Being Written on a 10.04 OS X Mac, in Python 2.6.


Jade University: About the Game itself.
1) "Sims" type game thats based largely in a School.
2) Textbooks and Workbooks to read and complete. Lots of puzzles (as my coding abilities improve!)
3) Abilities include: Telepathy, Jaunting, Telekinesis, and Sworand spells. How good this will be directly correlates to my coding skills. ;)
4) Eventually, you'll have lots of things you may collect if you wish.
5) You will be allowed to buy and use 1 Trolley (a combination desk, shopping cart and dorm rooom/house depending on which model you buy.) It uses my secret and unique box I called the "Jack-in-the-box" when I was a little kid (late 60's, early 70's). It can be made to have it's own secret world inside, and can be as large inside as you need it to be or want it to be.
6) This is not a shoot'em game. The Sworand work is practice only. No evil antity exists in this game, as most games have this and I wanted something different.

About the People:
1) The People with these abilities may live in either Secret Cities or amongst the people without these abilities.
2) The clothes they wear are largely inspired by the Victorian Era circa 1850 - 1904.

About the Game and Me:
1) The Trolley idea is copyrighted by me, and is NOT inspired by anybody else's works. No one in my time (that I had access too) had anything quite like my box. My box predates HP's school by quite a few years, as I came up with it in the late 60's and early 70's.
2) The inspiration for the game is actually NOT HP or TP, but instead a dream world I've been daydreaming about since 1968. TP stands for The Tomorrow People, a children's Sci-fi show from the 70's.
3) Making both a Ren'Py and a PyGame version due to Python being used in both game engines. Whichever gets finished first depends on the where I can get the help first for which item I'm stuck on.
4) Expect this project to be in development for a full year yet. Completion date set for end of 2011 for the coding, but images might take longer. ;)
5) This project will not be abandoned as I'm figuring things out and will always have the time. Boredom with a project isn't one of my traits.
Currently working on Inventory and Buying code learning. The code to get player from house to secret city is done, but needs to be ported to Pygame code (its in Ren'Py code) and images/clues are not done.
System Requirements: I intend to compile this or at least release the Source Code to be playable on
Mac 10.04 OS X
...and hopefully compilable by anyone on whichever system they need to compile it on as I prefer to not discriminate by OS, where I can figure out how to accomodate, as I understand that not everyone can afford to buy into the "lastest craze".



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