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Procedural dungeons made of tiny rooms; Dungeon Crawling for short attention spans! (And very small screens!)

Henry Mclaughlin
Micro-Crawl will be a hack and slash RPG taking place in a dungeon consisting of lots and lots of tiny rooms. There will be monsters, multiple weapons, a handful of character classes, and even a boss at the end of each dungeon!

The concept for Micro-Crawl came from Sean Howard's 300 Mechanics page, specifically his "Tiny Crawl" concept. (Though only from the first entry about it, from there he goes into indirect interaction that I may explore in other projects, but won't work with here)

The dungeon now has 16 rooms to explore, a bunch of goblins to kill, and 2 weapons for you to find!

The controls are:
  • Arrow Keys - Walk, enter doors, climb ladders
  • Z - Hold to run
  • X - Use weapon
  • A - Pick up item from the floor
  • S - Open chest
  • I - Open/close inventory menu



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Micro-Crawl 0.0.1 — 25 Jun, 2010

Micro-Crawl 0.0.0 — 24 Jun, 2010

Micro-Crawl 0.1.0 — 28 Jun, 2010 account Comments