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A framework based on Pygame/Python for developing old-school 2D tile-based RPGs.

Henrique Nakashima

LibRPG provides, as of version 0.5:

  • A 2D map engine for RPGs, allowing object movement and interaction.
  • Message dialogs.
  • Party and inventory management modules.
  • The beginning of a standard resources library.
  • A customizable camera system.
  • Persistence mechanisms for saving the game.
  • Highly customizable map and dialog modules.
  • Context stack engine for controlled parallel processing.
  • Menu with RPG-specialized widgets and theme support.

To be implemented in 0.5.1:

  • More widgets.
  • Sample party, inventory and save menus.



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LibRPG 0.4 — 4 Oct, 2009

LibRPG 0.5 — 2 Nov, 2009 account Comments

  • Antenore 2012-10-06 15:35

    It looks like LibRPG has been taken over by Eronarn (James Meickle),
    He has fixed a bit the code, I hope he won't stop the development!!!