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pyg Map Maker

2d Map Editor


A 2d Map Editor made in pygame.

Not quite done yett, but here is a preview atleast.

The Map Maker lets you use tilesets to build your own custom maps and environments which can be exported into either a map file or an image file.



I would recommend to not make any large maps with the 0.5.x version, as I am current remodeling the whole source code for the next version, and i'm not sure i will manage to make maps from 0.5.x compatible with 0.6.




  • Added ability to draw and store collision boundary
  • Map files from 5.0 is compatible with 5.1
  • Instructions on this page have been added to a text file in the .zip



Ctrl + L: Load map file or image file

Ctrl + S: Save map file or image file

wasd: Move the tileset on the left hand side

Arrow keys: Move the tileset on the right hand side

alt + left click and drag: Draws a red rectangle that visualizes collision boundary

alt + right click: Removes collision boundary's

Click on a tile on the left hand side, and then paint this tile to the right hand side by left clicking and/or dragging.

The painted tiles can be removed by right clicking and/or dragging.


Current Special Features

  • Multilayers on single tiles
  • Boundary system for collisions
  • Window is resizable

Comming Features

  • Map Handler class for handling user made maps


  • Code is still a bit messy
  • Currently locked at 32x32 tiles
  • multi layers currently locked at max 3

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pyg Map Maker 0.5 - Prev — 5 Jan, 2010

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