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A History of Yurtdra - ABANDONED

This game has been entirely abandoned now for years. I may develop something in the near future, being considerably more experienced in Python now -- although not so much in PyGame.

J. R. Hard
== ABANDONED PROJECT - The author of this project has long given up on this == I've given up on my other project because I'm just not ready to dive into graphics yet. So, I found some old files on my PC where a friend and I had laid out all the specifics we wanted in a game. I do plan on finishing this, and though it will be completely text-based, it will have unprecedented depth. Features shall include: A world of randomly generated cities, dungeons, and wilderness;Procedurally generated quests, nobles, etc.;Detailed system of wounds, infection, bleeding, and injuries specific to anatomy; Weapons with varying damage types, weights, materials; 25 Alchemical effects; Randomly generated alchemical ingredients; 4 highly-detailed magic classes; 21 Skills; 7 Major Attributes; and any other features that might be added along the way. The game will allow very close interaction with NPCs, anywhere from intimidating a peasant to do some work for you while you have a few at the pub, to slipping your latest alchemical experiment into the nobleman's wineglass when he isn't looking.



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