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RoeBros' GUI

This is RoeBros' GUI, but since he's gone he asked me to release it for him as the deadline for pyweek libraries ends tomorrow. I finished up his doc as well as I could, but it's not perfect.

String Parsing Functions

A bundle of string parsing functions


PyGame wrapper package


James Mills Python Library


Python + PopCap Game Framework == Pycap. Inspired by the usability of pygame, I embedded python into the PopCap Game Framework.

Bézier curves

A simple implementation of the quadratic bézier curves.


A simple python implementation of the A* (a-star) path finding algorithm. The source contains the algorithm and a simple proof-of-concept example using pygame. The code only implements support for a plain square map but it should be fairly simple to implement support for any map type. If you have any questions regarding this don't hesitate to ask.


A (very) long running project to create a unique and detailed game and world (from an isometric view-point).


A simple library to bind standard input into user-defined actions to be used in PyGame applications.


A graphics library to be used for students new to programming/python.


Framework/IDE/Engine-template suite for games, based around Pygame and OpenGL. Ultimate mission is to make game development as speedy as possible.

OpenGL Font library

This is a font library implementation for Python/OpenGL, it is designed to plug-in to the Viper game engine but it also runs indepently.


package of standard tools I use in my other projects.


A simple module to make menus quickly


A simple, easy to use library for text input in pygame. Inspired by EzMeNu.


A more advanced menu for use in PyGame.

Python Text Editor

A text editor in python.


PYGGEL (PYthon Graphical Game Engine and Libraries) is a 3d game development engine, written using Pygame/PyOpenGL.


Based on a PyMike's original work, a new PyGame library to obtain with minimal coding menu-based interfaces in your games!


Pygame typesetting library


The long name is PyGameBuilder. It's meant to replicate the object and event system found in Game Maker, except it's written in python. It has no gui at this point. Sound and timers aren't implemented.


A 2D Library for PyGame and PyOpenGL.

Popup Gui

Quick GUI for popup boxes


TextWidget - A simple text class for PyGame

Rotating Menu

I liked shr4pnell's idea so I made my own.

Hex stuff

It's an hexagonal map implementation with some nice extras such as pathfinding and heightmap loading.

Mike's Simple GUI

Simple GUI that uses only Pygame.draw() calls to render itself.

Elements: 2D physics API for the Box2D Engine

Elements is an easy-to-use 2D physics API for the Box2D engine, including renderers for OpenGL, PyGame and Cairo.

Pygame Rotating Menu

This is just a simple Menu for Python which rotates.


A 2d game building environment. Featuring:
* wx based game-builder gui
* automatic code generation
* real-time game object manipulation

Quick Start guide in the download section.
Linux and Mac may require a little work to get running. Post to the google code discussion and I'll try to help.

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