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Python + PopCap Game Framework == Pycap. Inspired by the usability of pygame, I embedded python into the PopCap Game Framework.

The popcap framework's great for building robust 2D games with pretty antialiased sprites and sub-pixel scrolling. Unfortunately it's written in C++, which is labor intensive, damaging to creativity, and eats babies when nobody's looking. That's why I wrote Pycap. It's a simple bridge between the Popcap framework and the Python scripting language. With Pycap you can write an entire game in Python script, never once having to compile or worry about infanticide. Development is super fast, allowing your game ideas to leap out into reality and flit about like sugar-fuelled butterflies. Pycap is freely and publicly available, and was used for the games Snaky Jake, FUSO Truck Empire, and Polychromatic Funk Monkey. It's currently only available for Windows, but OSX and Linux versions are in the works.



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