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Framework/IDE/Engine-template suite for games, based around Pygame and OpenGL. Ultimate mission is to make game development as speedy as possible.

James Hofmann
While most of the libraries for Pygame aim to offer useful bits of code, tools, or working engines for a specific type of game, Zun is an attempt at a "meta-engine," where the same library code is shared by multiple engines(template games). Given enough development time this should ultimately lead to a flexible basis for most types of game, complete with a ready-made toolset. As of the first announcement here, the codebase offers openGL graphics, fixed-proportion bitmapped fonts, virtualized input(a layer on top of SDL events), a Pico/Nano-style text editor and viewer, the beginnings of a "board" editor, and some legacy code for drawing and displaying indexed-palette tiles(which should eventually become a more generic editor). Source is available through the project's SVN repository.



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