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Commandor is a 2d platformer fighting game with very simple AI.

Rising Snowflake

Sidescrolling multiplayer tactical fighting game.


My entry for PyWeek 6

WarZone II

WarZone II is a quick over-the-network space shooting game.

Gravity Juggle

Early Alpha version of a game where two spaceships try to hit each other by shooting in a gravityfield around planets and similar stuff...

Kanji Strike

This is a clone of Kanji City Defender, a web game I played a few years ago. The point is to shoot down meteors by matching kanji with their pronunciations.

Shell Fire

Just another attempt at creating cannon shooting game

John's Quest

A metroid-vania esque platformer/shooter were you have to get all the keys and powerups to kill the last boss Conrols: A D or arrow keys - Move W or Up arrow key - Jump space - shoot

Road to War Zero

Fight the vicious alien race known as the Specters for control of planet Earth. Sabotage starships, kill robotic enemies, and explore underground lava caverns in search of Specter troops.


Dodge them bullets, melt them foes.

Space Attack

A copy of space invaders. Also my first game made so far.

Space Attack

A copy of space invaders.

Fireball 12

A vertical scrolling, space themed game. 4 weapons at present. This game was made by Paul Harris.

Saddle Sore

A simple shootout game.

tank game

nice tank game with interesting features

Zombie Pan

This project is a 2D shooter video game in which you should shoot the zombies from a helicopter to save your survival camp. It has nice GUI, 14 nice levels, final map, fine controls, simple dynamics, and the logic is still very simple, but plenty of capacity to evolve. Designs maps, characters, weapons have been obtained from free assets but under licence. Some other have been developed by myself.

Rects Fight!

Fight with rectangles!

Air Strike

Destroy enemy ship to win this multilevel game, at the moment, this game is only for windows 10 os user. Visit the homepage of this game to find out more

Rising Apocalypse

Fight zombies and collect weapons. Rebirth to unluck multipliers.