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Zombie Pan

This project is a 2D shooter video game in which you should shoot the zombies from a helicopter to save your survival camp. It has nice GUI, 14 nice levels, final map, fine controls, simple dynamics, and the logic is still very simple, but plenty of capacity to evolve. Designs maps, characters, weapons have been obtained from free assets but under licence. Some other have been developed by myself.

Jun 1st 2019: There is a significant upgrade in this project because it has been finally structured in classes and modules easy to maintain with less lines and more powerful methods. This is enjoyable. Some extra weapons, vehicles, enemies, and houses are going to be added soon!, who knows what else! All is up to date in git Mar 2019: 1.2.4 Today is only available in linux with pygame and has not been tested in windows but should work right!. Most bugs have been fixed and the development of this is in constant progress. If anyone is interested in this project, or has feedback it's welcome. Enjoy it! planned updates:



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Zombie Pan 1.1.4 — 6 Feb, 2019

Zombie Pan — 5 Feb, 2019

Zombie Pan 1.1.5 — 16 Jun, 2019 account Comments