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Junk Jungle - 0.2

Dungeon exploration game.

Radomir Dopieralski
Explore random dungeon, manage resources, collect parts for your machine and, most importantly, kill tons of monsters along the way. It's a mix of old-style console action-rpg display and even more old-style roguelike gameplay, set in a steampunk-ish setting. That's all planned, of course, so far you can just walk around the map and hit the monsters.


Still not playable, but a lot of additions. There are items you can pick up and push around, monsters have varied movement patterns and you can actually kill them -- they drop items. Some monsters can even pick up items and carry them around. The frame rate is now increased, so the motion should be smoother, although the animations are still two-frame -- that's a feature, not bug. You still can't use items, can't go to another level and can't die.


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Junk Jungle 0.2 — 6 Jan, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.1 — 3 Jan, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.2.1 — 8 Jan, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.2.2 — 2 Mar, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.2.3 — 5 Jul, 2008 account Comments

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