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Junk Jungle - 0.1

Dungeon exploration game.

Radomir Dopieralski
Explore random dungeon, manage resources, collect parts for your machine and, most importantly, kill tons of monsters along the way. It's a mix of old-style console action-rpg display and even more old-style roguelike gameplay, set in a steampunk-ish setting. That's all planned, of course, so far you can just walk around the map and hit the monsters.



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Junk Jungle 0.2 — 6 Jan, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.1 — 3 Jan, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.2.1 — 8 Jan, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.2.2 — 2 Mar, 2008

Junk Jungle 0.2.3 — 5 Jul, 2008 account Comments