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A cute sokoban clone with fancy graphics and sound.


Puzzle game where you direct a stream of electricity with different kinds of power pylons.

Junk Jungle

Dungeon exploration game.


A (very) long running project to create a unique and detailed game and world (from an isometric view-point).

Lands of Elderlore

A graphical roguelike in a random yet persistent medieval world.

pyTile Iso depth sorting

Early prototype of a "perfect" isometric sprite depth sorting thingy

Conspiracy in Fairport

A murder mystery type game.

Lands of Syrane

A long time ago, in a distant land called Syrane the king and pharao Oromi IX ruled the land well and wisely. One day the kingÂŽs prophet Angcheine made a prophecy about the pharaos near death. So Oromi IX called his people to build him a giant tomb in the desert of Tiagtia, not knowing that the deserts grounds were cursed a long long time agoâ?Š


2d Mmorpg pre-alpha version

pyTile Iso depth sorting

Early prototype of a "perfect" isometric sprite depth sorting thingy


Isometric engine for a future transport sim game (think Simutrans, or Transport Tycoon)

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.

pyTile Iso depth sorting

Early prototype of a "perfect" isometric sprite depth sorting thingy


A tactical game made in pygame, using isometric view.

pyTile - Bezier railway track demo

A demonstration of the track image composition system that will be used in a transport game based off the pyTile isometric engine


Control the destiny of a plant-like species hopping from planet to planet.


A Python Isometric Game Engine


pyEmpires is a 2D real-time strategy game

Shmup & Build

** Observe ** - dont download this in hope of playing a finished game, it is still very early in development.

Build Cannons, Generators and Barracks on the big station. Control and level up your smaller guardian ship flying at the front.

(early) Isometric RPG

Early stages isometric RPG.


A small isometric engine.

Python Farm game

Python Farm game writed in pygame

Conqueror of Empires

A turn-based strategy game where up to 4 local players battle to be victorious, by expanding their empires, and controlling units to conquer cities and attack the enemy.


IsoCraft is isometric sandbox game.

Squish the Bugs

Squish all of the bugs. Couldn't be simpler, right?

Port Tales

A 2-players cooperative puzzle mainly developed in 48 hours during the StunJam 2014. Little wordless tale about octets.

Turn Soccer Online

TSO is a turn-based soccer game, inspired in the roleplay. TSO es un juego de turnos de futbol inspirado en El juego esta en fase alpha, pero si queréis echarle un vistazo, encantado. Any feedback is welcome


3d (isometric) multiplayer networked game with tricky doors, talking penguins and graphic labyrinth designer.


PyBlocks is a simple PyGame application that allows you to construct anything from set of building blocks


A minigame where player becomes a Single Real Estate Manager