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Trolls Outta Luckland - 1.1.0b

360-degree arcade-style space shooter

Trolls Outta Luckland is a 360-degree arcade-style space shooter featuring danger, action, explosions, triumph and tragedy. And one handsome devil of a space hero.

Tested with: Python 2.5.4, Pygame 1.9.1.


This is a beta release containing some new features, bug fixes, and a Windows executable distribution for Windows folks who don't have Python and Pygame installed. Changes:
  • Fonts got a facelift.
  • Fps class now uses font name.
  • Changed Destroyer class to drop a load of slowly moving mines. Number of mines increase with game difficulty.
  • Changed scoring for missiles to put them more in line with mines: shooting yields low score to discourage commendation farming; on-screen when completing level gives 5X the PATROL score to encourage some commendation boosting strategies; death gives nothing.
  • Made enemy laser fire a little less aggressive. With lasers, missiles, mines, and ramming craft there is a lot going on during the peaks.
  • Added F12, RMB, LMB, and Visible Pointer to HUD.
  • High scores now have commas.
  • Changes for Pygame 1.8.1 compatibility:
    • In,,, replaced rect.copy() with pygame.Rect(rect).
    • In replaced mixer.pre_init(buffer=1024) with mixer.pre_init(0,0,0,1024).
  • Narrowed song selection.
  • Added ui.TextReader class for in-game Help and Credits.
  • Fixed: Sky no longer layers planets behind galaxies.
  • Fixed: utils.load_image(): using surface.copy() on a cached image no longer produces a copy with alpha=0. It now preserves the original alpha. (Bug in Surface.copy()?)


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Trolls Outta Luckland 1.1.0b — 28 Feb, 2010 account Comments