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Trolls Outta Luckland - 0.0.4

360-degree arcade-style space shooter

Trolls Outta Luckland is a 360-degree arcade-style space shooter featuring danger, action, explosions, triumph and tragedy. And one handsome devil of a space hero.

Tested with: Python 2.5.4, Pygame 1.9.1.


  • Added rotating images to sprites.
  • Changed player ship steering dynamics.
  • Mouse homes to ship at level start; homes to saved position if gameplay is interrupted (escape key).
  • Windowed and fullscreen are choices now. Set in Use F12 to toggle.
  • Game speed derives from measured FPS. Classes' internal speed compensates.
  • Enlarged SPACE*.png and Explode*.png sprite strips. <3 GIMP!
  • New look for laser shots.
  • Baddies fire directly at player if facing player.
  • Sprite strip loader creates arbitrary number of rotated images and hitmasks. Hitmask generation very slow! Caching optimization implemented.
  • New sign-on UI uses keyboard instead of mouse. Remembers last player. Added player picker, which selects from high score holders.
  • Fixed: Stage stat updated immediately after killing last baddy. It now updates when next the level's herald posts.
  • Fixed: Enemies warp when returning to standby formation.
  • F12 toggles fullscreen.
  • Mood music for Game._play(). Keys for: change track, mute, music volume, FX volume, and master volume. Settings are saved.
  • EnemyFactory._make_fleet: optimized generation of enemy paths. Level loading speeded up greatly.
  • SpriteSheetAnim performance. The game requires a lot of sprites, and a lot of hitmasks. Hitmask generation is extremely expensive. Ship needs 3 images * 360 rotations = 1080. Each Enemy needs 3 images * 90 = 270. Just two Enemy subclasses takes over 5 seconds to gen hitmasks, a big ugly hitch in gameplay. Did the following to minimize that:
    • Pre-generate hitmasks as Python modules. Compile to .pyc. Ship takes 2 GB memory to compile, but it loads very fast.
    • Ship construction moved up to program load.


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Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.2 — 18 Dec, 2009

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Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.4 — 2 Jan, 2010

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Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.3 — 21 Dec, 2009

Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.7-beta — 17 Jan, 2010

Trolls Outta Luckland 1.0.0 — 6 Feb, 2010

Trolls Outta Luckland 1.1.0b — 28 Feb, 2010 account Comments