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Trolls Outta Luckland - 0.0.6

360-degree arcade-style space shooter

Trolls Outta Luckland is a 360-degree arcade-style space shooter featuring danger, action, explosions, triumph and tragedy. And one handsome devil of a space hero.

Tested with: Python 2.5.4, Pygame 1.9.1.


Bug fixes and enhancements:
  • Better "Loading..." screen.
  • Load an enemy of each kind in to generate the hitmasks.
  • Got rid of huge border when in windowed display.
  • Reduced height requirement so game will fit on 1024x768 monitors.
  • Tweaked factory: implemented per-type max_on_patrol instead of the shared max_on_patrol. Whilst in there, the patrol dispatcher was enhanced to turn out more interesting combinations.
  • Tweaked the algorithm that increases max-on-patrol over time.
    • For each game, every five waves the default for all enemy types increases by 1. Net effect: every five waves the wave starts out a bit harder.
    • For each wave, about every 30 seconds a random enemy type's max will be increased by 1. This is cumulative for the wave only. It is reset to the game default when the next wave starts. Net effect: every 30 seconds the wave gets a bit harder.
  • Fixed: Menu and marquis sounds were playing over music. They no longer play if a song is playing.


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Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.2 — 18 Dec, 2009

Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.5 — 2 Jan, 2010

Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.4 — 2 Jan, 2010

Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.6 — 3 Jan, 2010

Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.3 — 21 Dec, 2009

Trolls Outta Luckland 0.0.7-beta — 17 Jan, 2010

Trolls Outta Luckland 1.0.0 — 6 Feb, 2010

Trolls Outta Luckland 1.1.0b — 28 Feb, 2010 account Comments