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pyEmpires is a 2D real-time strategy game


Un simple juego donde deves colocar los cañones para intentar defender la base.


An Open Source Tower Defense Game developed with Python and Pygame.


OpenMOO2 is planned to be an open source clone of Microprose game "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares", one of the best 4X turn-based strategy games set in space


A client for the game of Netrek, a multi-player real-time 2D strategy game.

Vanessa's Mahjong

A Mahjong-esque game written in Python using PyGame.


PyKye is a Python/PyGame version of the Kye puzzle game. Solve each puzzle by collecting all the gems without getting stuck or eaten.

Prodigy Processor Piano

Processor Piano Is A Useful And Fun Utility For Producing Sounds Using Your PC's Internal Sound Chip Without Speakers

Birdie Words

An addictive word game - can you beat par?


Language-agnostic framework to run battles of robots

RepulsiveRuby v2.0

A very interesting and challenging game written in Python and Pygame. Rock your ball! (This version is only for win32 users. Sorry that I cannot provide a Linux version)

Prodigy Hangman 1.0


Vector Graphic Tower Defense

A tower defense, but its "realistic"(a single bullet kills a soldier). Automaticly fills the whole screen and is NOT pixely, because the graphics consist of lines, polygons and circles.


PyKye++ is an addition to PyKye, a Python/PyGame version of the Kye puzzle game. Solve each puzzle by collecting all the gems without getting stuck or eaten.

Golem Python Framework

Golem is Python game framework. It offers a way to render by PyGame.

Prodigy Game Engine

A 2D Game Engine Made On Top Of Pygame. Very Easy To Use And Good For Making RPGS And Arcade games.

Prodigy Notepad

A GUI Text Editor Written Using PyGTK.

Bridge Battle

Simple two player strategy game.

Lothar's War

Lothar's War is a top down strategy game in which the player controls various units to take control of the map.

Medieval X

A simple game with the objective being to eliminate every enemy on the map.

Ninja Beat Jammer

A highly advanced game like a crash between mario and guitar hero. BE SURE TO WATCH THE YOUTUBE TRAILER!

Wizards Magic

Cross-platform card strategy Wizards Magic.

Find the reset square

Click on squares to find the reset square.


BASIC-RoBots is a real-time strategy game about programming robots to colonize a planet.

Medieval X Battle

A python-pygame-pyggel medieval fps


Tactical, turn-based clone of the classic PACMAN game.

Clone of Tetris

A Tetris clone written in python 2.7 with pygame. Music by eXsolacyst

ultimate game collection

Jason's ultimate game collection!Features 9 arcade games.Fix bugs and cleaner code.

rpeg - FTL Styled Game Engine

rpeg is a game engine and editor designed to create roguelike, FTL-styled games.

Dodge Satellites

A game about moving the mouse out of the orbital paths of satellites (circles) and scoring points by placing the mouse in the path of rectangles.

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