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Label: Rise of Band
Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.
A turn based war strategy game. You can design your own levels with the map editor.
Go-Mo-Cult is a implementation of the classic board game Gomoku (also known as "five in a row").
Mech Duel
Pilot giant robots.
Captain your ship, build up its defenses, manage smaller ships and deal with other players peacefully or in space combat.
Rising Snowflake
Sidescrolling multiplayer tactical fighting game.
A 2d squad combat game, inspired by the classic Space Hulk: Vengeance of the Blood Angels. Lead a team of heavily-armoured commandoes into the depths of an infested spaceship.
Puzzle of Pipes
An invigorating new twist on the classic "15 Squares Game", with fast-paced excitement and variable difficulty.
Soccer Game
A simple soccer action/strategy game controlled by your mouse.
togo5 project
A most inefficient engine (for commercial standards) that by virtue of its inception contains many useful functions and classes by which one might allow their imagination to take hold and grow...
A (very) long running project to create a unique and detailed game and world (from an isometric view-point).
Engage is a turn-based fleet combat simulator based on the Star Trek universe and the 80s console game Begin.
Mech Revolution
A strategy game with robots modelled after the Fire Emblem series.
Up up and away
A funny little simulation involving little people trying to build a spaceship while their planet is running out of oxygen.
Simple game. Not simple to create though (atleast for me)
Dice Wars Enhanced
It is a clone of
Magic Gardeners Tournament - competiton
This is a simple strategy game written for pyweek4.
it tied for 5th in the team category(or ninth, if you count everyone who tied ahead of us)
Forest Patrol
Forest Patrol is an RTS in which you try to take over the lands and vassals of other lords in a bid for claiming kingship.
Life Fighter
A PyGame Game of Life inspired strategy game.
a little casual game
Hex based fantasy strategy game. Being used to test the final release of our pygame engine viper.
Galcon is an awesome high paced galactic action-strategy game. You send swarms of ships from planet to planet to take over the galaxy.
RTS game made with python (and pygame, of course). Lots of penguins.

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