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Robot Underground

Action RPG with pleasing graphics and engaging plot!

Martin O'Leary
Winner of PyWeek 6. The game logs info about play to the savegame for balance purposes. It would be really great if you could send us copies of your savegames. Eventually we'll have an automated system for this, but for now, we'd appreciate having copies of your save/game0.sav, etc. emailed to Only savegames from this version (or later) are useful, so don't worry about old savegames. However, we're particularly interested in receiving savegames from people who had trouble with the game, or who didn't really enjoy it.



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Robot Underground 1.0.4 — 28 Apr, 2008 account Comments

  • DarkS0u1s 2015-10-06 02:54

    Is this truly dead, or can I still find the source?