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Magic Gardeners Tournament - competiton

This is a simple strategy game written for pyweek4.
it tied for 5th in the team category(or ninth, if you count everyone who tied ahead of us)

This is a simple strategy game written for pyweek 4.

Currently the game lacks any play-testing, and thus was not considered as fun as some of the other games.
This is mostly due to a last minute edit to the level structure, thus I had to write all of the levels in 15 minutes :P.

Currently the game engine is the most interesting asspect of the game.
It boasts a simple but workable ai.
Player interaction(you can blast each other, or send swrms of locusts on the map).
and you get a nice you won screen at the end.

Thats all for now, version 1.5 coming soon!



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Magic Gardeners Tournament - competiton 1.25 — 22 Apr, 2007 account Comments