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OAKS: Adaptable Kruskal Solver

Graphical solver for Kruskal's and Prim's minimum spanning tree algorithms, originally written for an A-level computing project as an example of a teaching aid. Coded in Python 3 and licensed under 3-clause BSD.

Matt Windsor

The name is a misnomer - as of writing, OAKS isn't terribly adaptable, but can solve minimum spanning tree problems both using Kruskal's algorithm and Prim's algorithm.

(A minimum spanning tree problem involves taking a network of points (vertices) connected by lines (edges) which have assigned weights, or numbers representing the work required to traverse said line, and removing high-weighted and unnecessary lines to create a graph of smallest weight which contains no cycles/redundancies).

I'm hoping to expand on the GUI I've written for this project and possibly eventually release it as a separate library. Currently, it is extremely feature-incomplete, but lightweight. This version was written for Python 3, but as the original Computing project was written in Python 2, it shouldn't be terribly hard to downgrade.



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OAKS: Adaptable Kruskal Solver 0.1 — 25 May, 2010 account Comments