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Swords and Crossbows

Swords and crossbows is a gauntlet style game writen for the 72 hour 2006 gamedev contest. (

Stupendous Source Of Fire

Wizards fight each other in different arenas using exploding fireballs, bouncing lightning bolts, target-locking magic missiles and magic swords that deflect spells.

Mystic Mine

Guide your gold car through a mine, switching rails with a single button. You can only go down, but thanks to an optic illusion in the levels, you can always reach every point. Play this game alone or invite some friends and play against each other. The game supports up to 6 people on one keyboard. Everyone can enjoy this family friendly game, regardless of age or experience.

Ultra Tank-chan!

Ultra Tank-chan! is a GPLv2ed large-scale multiplayer space-combat-sim in the vein of Volition's FreeSpace series, with influences from Bandai-Namco's Ace Combat games.


The card game Canasta


A multi player research game for multitouch tables.

Achtung 2

Snake like game for 2-7 players. Objective is to outlive your opponents. Poor grafics, but exelent gameplay. (Based heavily on the game Zatacka/Achtung die neue Kurve)

Ghost Project

multi-player action game


Wikirunner is a two-player game of tag played on Wikipedia pages. Play hotseat against a friend or take on an AI chaser or runner! How long can you run?


2d multiplayer only shooter


Example of multiplayer game. NetPong is a simple pong game you can play online or in lan.


easy 2d multiplayer game


An open-source remake of the classic strategy game Moonbase Commander

Ultimate Pong

Rather simple pong game. Supports 1 to 4 players.

Customizable Pong

Pong is back in an another clone! Now customizable!


pyenet - python bindings for the ENet library

tgfcoder's Fun Field

A very simple cute two-player puzzle game made in 5 hours.


Dynamic maze, made of spinning passage patterns.


Simple Pong clone.

A Game of Cat and Mouse

A Game of Cat and Mouse is a simple and fun multiplayer game with a stealthy single-player mode. Play as a mouse hunting the cheese or a cat hunting that mouse.

personal space

move around with the arrow keys & create stuff.

Mr. Frog vs. OSIRIS

A small frog challenges OSIRIS, LORD OF THE UNDERWORLD. Who will win in the ultimate battle of frog vs god?

Prodigy Pong

a simple pong game

ZombieZ VS CriminalZ

ZombieZ VS CriminalZ is a simple top-down shooter with zombies and and a awesome bloodparticles.

It started as a school project and I picked it up again a few month ago to make it this extremely amazing game that it is today :D

multi player ball war

multi player game

Snake and Ladder

Simple snake and ladder game.

Bridge Battle

Simple two player strategy game.

Astral Networking

Astral networking is a high level multiplayer programming library. It can use PodSixNet or Mastermind for messaging. It's focus is on solid multiplayer algorithms to help set up realtime multiplayer games without any fuss.


Monsters is an online scrolling 2d shooter game where you play as a American military and you have to fight against an alien invasion!


OpenMOO2 is planned to be an open source clone of Microprose game "Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares", one of the best 4X turn-based strategy games set in space