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A flexible graphical menu in pygame/python for text and/or images
pygame transparent vectors
A simple lib that can create pygame vectors with alpha transparency.
Water Ripples
Water rippling effect.
pyenet - python bindings for the ENet library
pygame music grid beta .9
a music grid that can be used as a piano roll, drum machine exc
A simple, lightweight library for creating and manipulating polar vectors, whether manually or automatically generated.
map loader for 'tiled'
map loader for the tmx file format, generated by map editor 'Tiled'
Gloss is a high-performance graphics wrapper around Pygame that lets you take advantage of OpenGL without having to delve into the murky depths of 3D programming. Gloss lets you build 2D games where you can rotate, scale and recolor sprites on the fly, and also includes a selection of helpful mathematics functions to make the life of games coders easier.
Basic Guiu
lang = Esp Basic Guiu es una simple guiu basada en PyGame, esta pensada principalmente para diseñar pequeños y simples menus, para un conjunto mas avanzado se desarrollo el Modulo Frame que puede manejar mas comodamente los elementos como si fuese una ventana.
Retro Game Library
A library for creating NES and GameBoy style games.
Pygame Forms

A small python module I hacked together whilst working on a school assignment.

BMenu 0.1
A more advanced menu for use in PyGame.
Pygame typesetting library
A pygame addon for display text over surface with many dimension bounds.
Based on a PyMike's original work, a new PyGame library to obtain with minimal coding menu-based interfaces in your games!
Rotating Menu
I liked shr4pnell's idea so I made my own.
A 2D Library for PyGame and PyOpenGL.
Pygame Rotating Menu
This is just a simple Menu for Python which rotates.
PYGGEL (PYthon Graphical Game Engine and Libraries) is a 3d game development engine, written using Pygame/PyOpenGL.
A simple, easy to use library for text input in pygame. Inspired by EzMeNu.
Elements: 2D physics API for the Box2D Engine
Elements is an easy-to-use 2D physics API for the Box2D engine, including renderers for OpenGL, PyGame and Cairo.
PyWright is a game engine and scripting language allowing for the creation of games in the same style as the Phoenix Wright or Ace Attourney series of games made by capcom for the Nintendo GBA and DS. Several cases have been completed and are available through the download option on the menu when you run PyWright.
TextWidget - A simple text class for PyGame

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our projects welcomes all python game, art, music, sound, video and multimedia projects. If they use pygame or not.
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