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MorBacK A.I.

MorBacK A.I. is a simple tic-tac-toe game.


A 1 to 4 players game that I'm working on It contains an AI quite strong for this kind of game A funny detail about this image is that NOBODY WAS PLAYING the AI was controling all ships

A* Pathfinding Algorithm

Simple implementation of the A* pathfinding algorithm using pygame.

Revolution Mus Game

Se trata del clasico Mus para el ordenador


Bomberman clone


A simple python implementation of the A* (a-star) path finding algorithm. The source contains the algorithm and a simple proof-of-concept example using pygame. The code only implements support for a plain square map but it should be fairly simple to implement support for any map type. If you have any questions regarding this don't hesitate to ask.


A very simple Tic-Tac-Toe game.


A fast and flexible Behavior Tree library for AI.

0AI - Artificial Ineptitude

pyweek #7 This is a team entry consisting of cami, facundobatista, leito, lucio, Macarse, NicoEchaniz, ricardokirkner.

Fugu path finding demo

A demonstration of a simple path finding algorithm.


Go-Mo-Cult is a implementation of the classic board game Gomoku (also known as "five in a row").

Label: Rise of Band

Become The City's leading Music Label in this turn-based strategy game for up to four players. Created by an interdisciplinary team of University students.


This is a basic flocking implementation, demonstrating the organization and collection of many bodies in a cohesive group. The boids all follow the mouse, and are bounded to stay inside the screen.


EatEmUp is a cool Artificial Intelligence simulation, which shows a "bully in the playground" type situation.

Morningside AI Test Environment

A board-game-like environment for testing AIs.

Game of Death

By the power of Poseidon, Behold! Conway's Game of Death!


Wikirunner is a two-player game of tag played on Wikipedia pages. Play hotseat against a friend or take on an AI chaser or runner! How long can you run?


A simulated, partially observable, stochastic, sequential, dynamic, continuous, multi-agent world. People, tribes, assets, banks, money, combat, sex, and more.


basic implimentation of goap planning.


An implementaion of the classic game Memory.


a bot that learns to play minesweeper


Language-agnostic framework to run battles of robots


A Tic-Tac-Toe AI that never loses.

A* pathfinding

A straightforward implementation of a static A* pathfinding algorithm.


Project of Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Iran University of Science and Technology

tic tac toe AI

This is a simple artificial intelligence that plays tic tac toe against the user. As long as it goes first it never loses.

A video game description language (VGDL)

A high-level video game description language (VGDL) built on top of pygame.

Prison Xcape

Prison XCape is a 2D platformer game that is made using a simple game engine built on the PyGame framework.

Java Chess

Traditional Game with Artificial Intelligence Implemented