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A simulated, partially observable, stochastic, sequential, dynamic, continuous, multi-agent world. People, tribes, assets, banks, money, combat, sex, and more.

Nima Talebi
The agents in this world have the primary goal of survival as a whole, however they can each act upon the world individually. The individuality of an agent can be based on both the stochastic nature of the world, as well as their unique genome. The aim of the project is to allow for developers to be able to add plug-in action classes - where the agent can at each iteration, select a given action, and act upon the world, and other surrounding agents. There is not much to be said about the graphics, or the reporting of what is happening as this is still in a proof-of-concept stage of development, so please be patient. The project does not yet have a home page, but will as soon as I get some time to write one up.



Home Page;a=tree;f=Evolution;h=dd994fcc2e10e85ef6cf0fbe17c191e2f370bb46;hb=HEAD


Evolution 0.1 — 4 Nov, 2009 account Comments

  • Benjamin 2012-03-13 03:45

    When I try to access the source it says "safari can't access webpage." Does the site still exist?

  • CHAD2430 2014-03-14 15:22

    I would LOVE to team with you, but you would have to train me in the essence of Artificial Intelligence in this kind of format. like, how to calculate movements. When the time comes, or if you are still looking to team, I would LOVE that!