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Sacred Curry Shooter - beta 0.7.1

A top-down shooter inspired by Team Shanghai Alice' Touhou Project.

Skizzaltix Zaxali
Status -- Pretty much finished. I've moved on to other things, and the firing-pattern handling is Byzantine enough to make me not want to create more content. Controls -- X=Fire, C=Shield, Z=Charge fire, Arrow keys=Move See the readme for known bugs and additional information.


* Removed backgrounds * Changed sprite images to replace black with dark blue/brown/purple * Edited Kitsune bullet image * Added explosion support for multiple unit types * Added support for monster bullet free-spin * Added explosion image and data for Tanuki * Added random bullet scatter support for monsters * Increased Tanuki bullet number from 9 to 12 * Increased Kitsune, Tanuki, Tengu, and Kappa bullet speed factor * Lowered player hitbox size by 4 pixels, lowered Dragonfly hitbox size by 1 extra * Fixed a testing bug that allowed the player to fire charge shots without being at full charge * Fixed all float errors * Increased framerate from 25 to 33 * Decreased all speeds by 1, decreased Ormrinn bullet speed by 1 extra * Added support for guided player bullets and charge bullets * Added data and images for Karex * Fixed a minor bug which caused monsters that were not killed in one stage to be carried over to the next


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Sacred Curry Shooter beta 0.5.1 — 23 Oct, 2008

Sacred Curry Shooter beta 0.5 — 23 Oct, 2008

Sacred Curry Shooter beta 0.8.2 — 30 Nov, 2008

Sacred Curry Shooter beta 0.6.1 — 27 Oct, 2008

Sacred Curry Shooter beta 0.8.1 — 3 Nov, 2008

Sacred Curry Shooter beta 0.7.1 — 29 Oct, 2008 account Comments